Jan 6th

TSA compliance audit this AM

By Doug Boyle

Flight Instructors are getting audited for Compliance to the TSA rules.  I had mine this morning!  It was friendly and informative, and served notice to expect a comprehensive review in 3-4 months.  They want to ensure we are collecting copies of Birth Certificates or unexpired Passports, and  proper ID's.  In addition, maintain logbooks and copies of above for a period of five years.  No need to do this for one-time Discovery Flights, Proficiency Checks, Flight Reviews, and recurrent training.

Dec 31st

2015 Year Triking Review

By Paul Hamilton

From my perspective, it has been another great year for Triking. Larry continues to Evolve the Revo with many new upgrades and introduced another great addition to triking, the ultralight REV. Abid continues to support the Apollo line plus continues to supply the Delta Jet 2, a great option for a USA supplied/supported trike. P&M introduced the PulsR and the "British" dominated the world games.  Thanks to our one USA entrant to the world games 2015 by team USA Todd Ware the USA had a significant presence. The Brits currently provide great exposure through the world games.


 Also we must congratulate Henry TrikeLife for getting his CFI, transitioning to a Revo and getting people interested ion triking through his videos. Henry is a big asset to triking. My other Henry Boger  trike friend, from Pacific Blue Air  LA, has been providing an incredible number of  intro flights that introduce people to triking. It was almost exactly two years ago he came up for his trike CFI and has been a huge success in southern California.


As far as safety, We were able to get spiral dive awareness (thanks to Henry and Larry again) to a new level and start the process to get spiral dive recovery into the FAA PTS.  


Thanks to all those others introducing those to triking in one way or another and providing a POSIIVE  influence for triking . Many who are not mentioned here. We are all lucky to have industry experts/professionals as well as new bees providing positive input for the form of aviation we love.


Any other accomplishments/progress for 2015 you feel are significant please include.


My best to all for a great 2015 and the upcoming 2016.


May the positive trike force be with you....



Paul Hamilton

Dec 27th

Looking for a spinner for my Ivopropeller

By Rizwan Bukhari



I am thinking about putting a spinner on my Ivoprop (just for cosmetic beauty). I ordered one from trikebuggy, but it turned out to be the wrong size. The diameter of the spinner I got was 4 inches and I need a 6 inch spinner.

Now I have searched aircraft spruce and other websites and have come across some bigger spinners but they are for Cessna and other aircraft.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a 6 inch diameter spinner.


Thank you,



Dec 17th

bah humbug!

By monty stone

seasons greetings ( politically correct ) and merry christmas to all 'floppy-wing' fliers, and if you've been good, there just might be a bright shiny new 'revo' under your tree, monty. ps. i thought i was wrong once, but i was mistaken.

Dec 9th

How do you like the current WAG 2015 - Dubai - Microlight/Trike competition course and task format.

By Tony Castillo

What are your thoughts regarding Trike/Microlight competition and what should the course be like, and what tasks included so it is a safe and more even competition for all trikes of similar characteristics.

Here is the course, as I understand it begins with a distance measured take off, a fast run around pylons, a fast pass for speed measuring, then climb to 1000 and engine off precision landing. Each task is judged and poits awarded (or taken out).


Microlight / Trike Course - 2015 WAG Dubai

Dec 7th

Help w/questions about building my own WSC Aircraft

By Jerry Wilbur

When bulding a dule searter/Cross Country WSC:

What size and type of aluminum, engine, wing, where should I start?

Dec 6th

the project

By monty stone

one day, i had an idea. i went out into the garage and built it. the end.

Dec 6th

Todd Ware's comment on QuikR's wing

By Abid Farooqui

I asked Todd Ware how he likes the QuikR wing from P&M. His comment was interesting and is below:


"Abid. Great stable wing for speed and cross country trips. Is hardly effected by turbulence. However for racing and tight turning.... I was telling the Britts today that to really pitch up around a tight turn feels like I have to bench press a baby cow! They all laughed and said they have a similar phrase for it, "if you're not lifting a steer you may be a bit queer". 

HUGE Pitch pressure, and high roll pressure. After a minute and A half race I feel like I've been at the gym for an hour. 
But that also makes it usually stable at high speeds. It's a well behaved rocketship but hard to turn. 
Also if you are going slow it will pull to the left and if you're going fast it pulls to the right so you're constantly having to wind the role trim knob if you fly at different trim speeds. But of course while racing you just don't have time to do that. So you just go fast all the time. Also while going slow the role pressure increases drastically. 
It's nearly physically impossible to get the control bar within 3 inches of the compression strut. 
If I raced it all the time I would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
But for beginners and normal flying, I think it's a superior wing."


Nov 29th

Continued Operational Safety Report for LSA (including Trikes) by FAA

By Abid Farooqui

Here is the report after 2014. Good read and trends on what is going on with safety and LSA including trikes in the US market. Have a read and feel free to discuss and comment



Nov 25th

2008 Airborne 582 SLSA for sale

By Rebekah Sharf

AIRBORNE XT SLSA 582 TUNDRA • $19,999 • FOR SALE $19,999OBO, Airborne XT582, 310 hours, 15 hours since TBO in August 2015, Lynx helmets, removable winter windshield, upgraded solid axles, trainer bars and back seat steering, LED strobe excellent condition, maintained by Aircore Aviation in Arlington, stored in temperature controlled hangar, flies in northwest Washington (less UV than the southern states). •  located Seattle, WA USA • Telephone: 3606470960 email kitegrrrl@gmail.com