May 14th


By monty stone

ok, since some old 'talian guy, name of D'VINCI put out some DIY plans for a hang-glider ( old sepia videos show his 'test pilots' being hurled from the battlements to 'refine' his latest mods) (on youtube) ('those magnificent men') there have been some improvements, i.e. engines, airframes, materials etc. But, apart from 'leonardo d'mednick', with his use of fancy c.n.c. bits and other forward thinking design work, ( blatent arse-kissing here, i've offered to take away   FREE a scratched or dented REV ( I LOVE THOSE PHAT TIRES!) from his junk pile, preferably yellow.) there is still MUCH to be done! there ain't been the quantam leap that we are all holding our breath and waiting to see! for instance why aren't wing ribs (batterns) pumped up and down to change wing contour? (like my varicose veins). ON-BOARD AUTOMATIC WING FOLD/EXTEND DEVICES , LIKE BIRDS,  would be 'nice'. birds woulda gone extinct if  they had to remove their wings and store 'em in a bag between flights.  i expect even more 'odious regs' to be in force, some good some not. flying will never be as safe as 'bingo', for instance (though i did witness an old lady bash a guy with her 'marking' pen, 'cos he upset her board!) .' falling from the sky' will no longer be tolerated,  but with mandatory transponders, elt's,  REALLY BIG AIRBAGS, chutes or retro-rockets etc your significant other, and loan company can sleep easier! the chute, or rocket, will be hooked via satelite to a huge 'HAL' computor underground somewhere in UTAH, ( and thus safe from some 'rolly polly' arsehole from N/korea in case he tries to ruin our runways, as well as everything else!) and will deploy, from afar, if we decide to crash our, by then, 200k$ trike. saving both trike and 'tax paying', and thus FAA funding passengers. that's phase one, phase two the NTSB will arrive at your 'landing site', WITHIN MINUTES, with both    refreshments and'paperwork' to sign. i'm pretty sure that bolluminum will give way to composites, both in 'chariot and wing. whitewall tires? california and florida trikes only.  power ?, even though burning old fossils to turn that big fan will continue, with cat converters and any other ' gadgetry ' the ecology boys can come up with, to make it like you never burned ANYTHING, will make electric the 'norm', with the whole wing covered in solar cell fabric and 'super batteries range will be adequate.  the down side of the computer hook-up is an easy way for 'big bro' to enforce regs, if your bi-annual is due, the engine won't start, till you do it. the fun-factor of trikeing will still be there, but not like it was. by 2030 i'll be 95 + and probably won't need a REV! what am i missing, cigar lighter? collision-avoidance module? cruise control? reverseable prop, for backing into the hanger? frappoccino spigot? bum warmers? cupholders? etc ................................................................freazier ballzoff                         

 ps. my use of the term 'trike' is 'cos it's easier to type than 'FLEXIBLE WINGED AIRCRAFT' and is friendlier.





























May 9th


By monty stone

     WHATS A PIRATE WORTH?...............   A BUCCANEER !                                                                                                                                                                                                          (MY GRANDAUGHTER INSISTED I TELL EVERYONE HER JOKE)                                                                                                                                                                                            

May 6th

Revo 12.5 on a airborne 912XT

By Jim Ross

i know there's been dozens of chats on this subject but I like to know anyone who has put a Revo 12.5 meter wing on a airborne 912, I've had a arrow which I did not like at all, so I bought a new ArrowK that's with King post which is a really nice wing but I could really tell the glide really declined, so I went back to the Streak 3 which I love, I know then I should just keep it on, bad thing is I've got to lower my wing everytime and I also use the tall winter windshield which I have to remove, anyway I know there's a couple guys around Zephyrhills that went to the Revo wing on there XT912 just appreciate any input on the difference between the two,, thanks for any information Jim

May 3rd

roof landing

By monty stone

yep, even though there has been much verbage expounded, at length on site regarding starting an 'empty' trike without making sure it can't 'run away' it happened, yesterday. a trike, here at my home muni field, arlington washington.  channel 4 news showed an 'airplane' (quote) on top of a row of hangers. they said the pilot was injured, fortunately not badly, trying to stop it from taking off without him, but the 'plane' finished up on the roof. from the video it was obviously a n-numbered 2 seat 'naked' trike with a destroyed wing, etc. i'm not sure who the pilot is, but as stated he's not badly injured, though with that big fan spinning around he sure could have been. i personally never hit that magic 'go' button without me sitting in belted and aimed at open sky. you poor bastards that  don't have electric start and HAVE to start from outside make DAMN sure that front tire is up against the QUEEN MARY or something heavy enough to prevent a 'problem'. no doubt 'big brother' will be investigating this 'incident' with all that incurs, oh well, you can take a horse to water, but you can't make him water-ski  or whatever you wanted him to do.  if anyone plans on starting his empty trike with full throttle PLEASE have somebody video it , it's a great 'spectator sport'.                       freazier ballzoff.        ps. the reporter also said the hanger was not badly damaged! ( phew! that's a relief!) pps also they didn't mention the 'ulttralight' word! which woulda' pissed off the 'flex-wing' crowd!

May 2nd


By monty stone

ken and i drove the 600mls to lake alvord in south east oregon, his ford 'exploder' dragging a huge trailer with my weedhopper tied on it. when we were about twenty miles away from the lake, mostly dry, i had a brain-phart, why not fly the rest of the way! so, we assembled the ultralight and i prepared to take-off. it was by now almost dark, no moon. no sweat, i had never flown at night but how much different can it be! i had installed a huge instrument panel with every  switch and dial i could find (i' was the kid that had playing cards twanging against his bike's spokes just to make noise!) also i had rigged a spotlight on top of the panel controlled by a 12volt flasher. the windshield was dusty and the prop was light colored wood. as soon as i took off from the dirt road i realized that having a mega million lumens reflected into my eyes every two seconds wasn't gonna work, so gropeing under the panel i started yanking wires till the light went out. phew! thats better. but not much, it was now really dark, out front was inpenetrable gloom. below was kens lights and a boiling dust cloud. i settled in about 100ft behind him just above the dust, doing ok till some power-lines whipped past a few feet below me. that got my attention!, i promptly backed off power and landed. ken stopped and came back demanded " what's up "? i said it's too dark, we'll have to park here till dawn. "bullshit" says ken, we've only got a few miles to go. "i'll take it". so he did. he made better time than me flying cross country rather than following the 'road'. he arrived over the lake long before me, i had planned on giving him my headlights to land by but was still a few miles away. fortunately a couple was camping out  on the dry lake and hearing the 'brang-dang' of the rotax realized that somewhere up there was a snowmobile or something that needed to land so they switched their van's lights on and ken 'set her down'. ken admitted to me that my decision  to land was a 'correct call'. he said that untill the couple lit up a bit of the lakebed he couldn't tell 'wet from dry'. we flew the 'piss' out of that weedhopper for three days , burnt twenty gallons of fuel, dropped an empty five gallon gas can with a home made parachute from 3k above the lakebed, all kinds of stupid stuff! ah! the good times!       freazier ballzoff    





Apr 29th

NO 'EPH' ?

By monty stone

yep, the 'eph' on my notepad's keyboard is rephusing to phunction, phrequently. at phirst it was phairly inphrequently, but now it's very ophten. microthopht thuckth ! uh oh, now the 'eth' is going the same way! soon i'll be 'eth' less as well as 'eph' less, very phruthtrating!      phreazier ballzoph.                                                                       

Apr 25th


By monty stone
  • way back in a previous century, ken and i were flying a beaver ul doing a freebie promotional photo-shoot of 'boris' and his 'bulldog' engine-out-front gyro. ken was 'taping' with this humoungous camcorder perched on his shoulder, they recorded directly to vhs cassettes, and were about the size of a fiat ( fellow geezers will remember them). i 'had the stick' out back and couldn't see much of where the sharp end was headed, so was attempting to mantain 'spatial orientation' by looking out the sides and trying to respond to kens terse instructions. "left" "right" "up" "down", etc. we had intercom but no radio, so had no idea what 'boris' would do next, and gyros are able to 'stop' in mid-air, together with the 'barge like' handling of the plane it was getting quite interesting! ken had one eye glued to the viewfinder, the other shut, and  as i was a fairly low-time airplane driver i began to realize my 'mortality was at risk here! then we hit some 'moderate' burbulance. i immediately whined to ken "hey ken, it's getting bumpy". he said " do you want me to take it ?". i said, "no, i just thought you should know". he said " then shut-up and steer". so i did. ken is now a captain for alaska airlines, i don't know what became of 'boris' and his 'bulldog' , but as i now just fly a 'driver only' trike i can't whine to anyone about 'bumps' and i just have to 'shut-up and steer'.  freazier ballzoff.                                                    

Apr 24th

To be or NOT to be a CFI

By Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,

    I have a question for you and especially for existing CFIs. Lately, I have been thinking about possibly becoming a CFI.

    There are many motivations in my mind. The biggest one is that to my knowledge Boise and the surrouding areas here in Idaho do NOT have an active CFI. So it is hard for people to get trained unless if they go to Oregon or some other State. This will make it easier for anyone wanting to get an introductry flight or maybe training.

    We already have 5 trike pilots at my airport and hopefully that number will just keep on growing with time. So to have a CFI on hand might actually help. If NOT training, there is always possibilty of just Trike flights over Snake River and the surrounding beauty of Idaho.

    I am just curious to know from current or ex-CFIs about their experience, struggles and rewards. Do you feel that you can make a living being a CFI or is it just a labor of passion?


Thank you for any guidance and help.



Apr 12th

Flying the Polini Powered ANT with Fox TL 13 wing

By Abid Farooqui

Just flew the ANT trike with Polini Thor 250 (36 HP) engine and Helice 3 blade propeller. The engine's red line is supposed to be at 7800 and I could get there. I think a little larger prop may be more appropriate because I should see 7500 to 7600 without diving.

The wing is a single surface strutted wing that can fold right on the trike quickly and put in a hanger taking up hardly any space (almost as good as a gyroplane), allowing multiple people to share a hanger.

It takes about 0.5 hours to setup the trike and wing otherwise and may be less with practice.

The trike concept is to be able to carry the trike in any 5 seat passenger sedan or SUV with the wing carried on the roof rack. The trike has backup rescue parachute system powered by compressed air in case of an emergency. Struts have backup cables inside as well. The trike with this wing and rescue parachute weighs a little over 225 pounds empty.

The trike even with this wing flies at 37 mph or so but it can reach 55 to 60 mph and fly there pulling in a little and with a little more power. Climb rate is plenty and I never felt the need to go to 7800 RPM. I usually felt climbing at 7000 RPM was plenty.

I carved a few turns at 45 degree bank angles and then a couple of 360's going up to about 60 degree bank. At high power setting I can feel the torque effect a bit and it could benefit from a little offset in thrust line to the right. 

Winds were almost completely crosswind at about 6 mph sometimes gusting to 8. Takeoff and landings were not difficult to do in crosswind and gusts were easily handled. 

I found the shoulder harness useless for a skinny guy like me. They are obviously made for someone with a bit more stomach than me and if I tightened them I would not be able to reach the nose strut so I kept the shoulder harness loose.

Seat is comfortable, light and stylish. Foot pedals are ergonomic and brake is only on the front wheel and strong. I was warned not to apply hard braking right after touchdown and allow the trike to slow down using the wing. The engine has a clutch so as soon as you come off power there is no thrust forward and trike on the ground slows down quite quickly. I did not feel brake was too strong, it was just as it should be.

I did not fly in dead calm conditions but in wind changing slight direction and in crosswind (light 6 to 8 mph). There seem to be no issue handling that for me in this little ANT. For lighter guys like me and near sea level, the Corsair powered 25 HP engine model which is priced $2000 lower at $14500 may be just fine.


Apr 6th

Is iron cross an offensive sign/symbol

By Rizwan Bukhari

Image result for iron crossImage result for iron cross

Hi All,

I am working on adding Iron cross symbol to my wing. I want to know if this is offensive symbol. I don't want to offend anyone and neither get shot flying over farmlands here in Idaho.

Which amongst these two is appropriate. The one on the left is used by bikers and even the current German Airforce. I just love both of these symbols and I think they will look great on my wing.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated.