Jun 26th

Safety concerns when flying trike with a child passenger

By Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,


I am considering flying my 10 years old son on my trike. I fly an Airborne XT which has a nice shoulder and lap strap belt system.


Call it a paranoia but my biggest worry is the passenger belt umbuckling during flight. And I am looking for some ideas for redundant seat belt safety for my son before I take him up for a flight.


Any input will be greatly appreciated.







Jun 25th

Trim Actuator

By Bill Chance

Need to hook up a llinear actuator for wing trim.  It's from Revo made by Duff Norton.  Can't find a wiring diagram from Duff Norton.  It has five wires coming out of it.  Three of the wires are hooked to an internal potentiometer and two wires go to the motor.  This unit was never installed and has been packed away for a number of years. The simple wiring diagram from Revo just shows two wires running to the actuator from a double throw double pole switch. Don't know if there should be more info. Running power to the motor wires runs the shaft in and out and my question is the potentiometer just used for motor position control purposes and it's not needed in this application.  Those of you that have the wing trim actuators are there just two wires running to it?  


I think Larry is out of pocket right now.   

Jun 23rd

Finned wheel coverings?

By roger larson

Curious of thoughts about the finned wheel pants that are used on the trikes.  Has anyone flown with and without them on the same trike and noticed a difference?

The revolt doesn't have wheel pants.  What will be the good, or the bad of not having them?

Jun 6th

Trike Maintenance Kit

By Anton van Wyk

I have the following items for sale. It is brand new and I bought it after doing the maintenance course, but sold the trike soon after.


New - Sidchrome SCMT26922 - TORQUE WRENCH 10-160Nm 10-120ft.lb. - $250


New – 4 x NGK Spark Plug - BR8ES - $16

New – 6 x ROTAX 125 EXHAUST SPRING - 66mm - NON EVO Rotax Part No: 938795 - $20


New – Anti Static refuelling kit - $35

Wire Twist Pliers - $30

New – iPad knee dock - $35