Oct 12th

Books or movies on trike flying

By Rizwan Bukhari
Hi all,

I just got done with my final Securities exam, so now I have a lot of free time to read.

I would like to know if there is any book or videos that you can recommend, related to flying and flying adventures, they don't necessarily have to be about trike flying but any kind of flying related interesting book or video that you enjoyed or it inspired you.

I would appreciate your recommendations.


Sep 30th

New Delta Jet 2 Performs!

By Todd Halver

We have had many inquiries on the performance of the NEW Delta Jet 2 with the Cheval 12.4M wing.  I thought I would give some real life results from a recent flight.

This DJ2 is equipped with a Rotax 912ULS 100hp and the tundra tire option and has a useful load of 540 lbs. This flight was one up with me at 240lbs, full fuel (14 gallons), density altitude 1,700, temperature 24, dew point 20.  Keep in mind that Delta Jet 2 has a proper static port to report airspeed that is much more accurate than some set-ups.  This DJ2 is equipped with the new Sterna three blade composite propeller.

  • Take off with trim in full slow position delivered 1150 fpm climb at 63 mph turning 5325 rpm
  • With the DJ2 trimmed for full fast and turning 5640 rpms my level cruise speed was 102 mph
  • At full fast trim and bar pulled into my gut speed topped 112 mph at 5700 rpm
  • When set at full slow cruise I was able to settle in at 65-67 mph
  • Trimmed for medium cruise speed delivered 82 mph at 4650 rpm
  • Powering up to 5,000 rpm put my cruise at 89 mph

The Cheval 12.4 is a light in roll and great tracking wing.  We use lexan winglets and in testing I found I gained 3 mph speed with the winglets than without and improved turning performance.   The wing is stable and delivers a very slow stall speed.  In fact, power off stalls in level flight yield no buffeting and the nose just leans over into a gentle descent.  The full stall position would actually be at a point beyond the compression strut.

Having trained in an Airborne XT, flown and owned both a Tanarg and a Revo for a number of years, I have to say the DJ2 has exceeded my expectations both in performance and true value.


Aug 30th

What GPS to buy

By Rizwan Bukhari


I am in the market to buy a new GPS for my trike and I would like your input. Currently I have the old Garmin GPS iii. What GPS do you use, why do you use it and how much did it run you?

Thanks for your help.



Jun 20th

Sign Petition for fair representation of trike pilots

By Rizwan Bukhari




I think this warrants a blog space. I read this petition and signed it because among many things, it asks for fair representation of pilots. This is your chance to do so as well. It is one thing to sit out and do nothing about an Issue or you can after reading the petition (if you agree with the message) support it. I think in all important decisions that impact our sport, all of us should have a fair representation.



May 18th

Tips and tricks of setting up a wing

By Rizwan Bukhari

Today as I attempted on setting up my new wing, I found it very challenging to secure the last 4 or 5 battons with the cord (bungee). Is there a tip to make it easier. I thought of disconnecting the strut where it attaches the cross bar so the wing has a bit more play but I was not sure if that would be a good idea. Do you have any tips.

My Manta wing just like the Northwing I use to have does NOT have a bungee to secure the battons but it is a little cord or rope. Bungee would have made it easier.




May 5th

How do you short pack a wing?

By Rizwan Bukhari
Hi everyone,

I bought a new wing and my 19 meter strut wing has to go. I wanted to know how do you short pack a wing.

Has anyone short packed a 19 meter wing, how long of a crate do you need for that. The wing crate I have is about 18 feet by 1 foot by 1 foot. Would that be a big enough crate for a 19 meter wing? If you have pictures that show how to short pack the wing, I would really appreciate that.


Apr 10th

Financing your trike

By Rizwan Bukhari
All of us dream about flying and owning our own trike. Some of us already own a trike but are thinking about owning another trike but other than our significant others, the biggest hurdle is finances, so I wanted to help ease your worry about the finances and if you want I can talk to your significant other and convince her too.

By profession I am a banker, loan officer and investment broker with the Wells Fargo bank. Recently I became an authorized representative for Ace Trikes USA. My desire to become a representative was for two reasons, one I believe that Ace Trikes offers a great aircraft that is about 6k or more cheaper than a comparable trike made here. Secondly at 13,000 dollar for the complete trike, it is a very easy trike to finance without taking much risk.

So what are the options? The best option for cheaper trikes in my opinion is either an Unsecured Loan or Line of credit. Loan and lines are very similar when it comes to the interest rate compounding but there are few differences as follows.

Unsecured Loan: No risk to you since no collateral is required, fixed interest rate and a five year (60 month) max term. No fee. No prepayment penalty. Decision in two hours

Unsecured Line of Credit: No risk to you since no collateral is required, variable interest rate (due to our crappy economy the interest rates haven’t really changed on the line of credits in the last three years). A line of credit is good for 10 years. There is a 25 dollar annual fee. Decision in two hours. Your minimum payment is 1 percent of what your borrowed + interest. There is NO prepayment penalty. So, for example, Ace trike at 13,000 dollars. Your minimum payment will be 130 dollars plus interest. In my opinion this is one of the best routes to go because for a small monthly payment you could own a second trike for soaring.

Portfolio loan or line of credit: If, you wanted to further reduce the interest rate, you could go this route. In this scenario you put money in the cd and borrow against your own money. Great option for someone who has some money saved that they are not planning on using any time soon but would rather keep their savings. There is NO prepayment penalty.

Home equity loan or line: This is NOT the ideal option for inexpensive trikes but might be a good option for E-LSA or S-LSA trikes. Money is secured against your house. Interest rate is the lowest. I booked a Home Equity line few weeks ago and the interest rate came at 3.87, which I think was great considering that the US Prime rate is 3.25 (this is the rate below which the bank won’t lend money). Home equities can take up to 4 weeks to book and have an annual fee of 75 dollars, which is waived the first year. If you pay off the home equity line before three years there is a penalty.

My prediction is that in the coming quarters the rates will go higher because the feds haven’t raised the rates in the longest while and what goes down must go up.

I hope this helps you in understanding how financing works and if you need my help in financing the Ace trike or any other trike, you are more than welcome to get in touch with me at rizzywizzy@yahoo.com or you can send me an email at my work address Rizwan.Bukhari@wellsfargo.com or call me 208-713-1844 cell

P.S. The loan or line approval depends on a lot of things including but not limited to your credit score, debt to income ratio. etc. Also different banks have different rules and fees, this article is just to give you a basic idea, you should consult with your bank or contact me if you need my help. Rizzy