May 4th

Mogas Locator

By Craig Valentine
iFly makes one of the best aviation GPS's available and it's especially popular in Light Sport and Experimental aircraft. They are also one of the most responsive manufacturers, as they implement  features suggested by their users through a spot on their website called  "iFly Wish List". To get there: - Support - Forum - iFly Wish-List
I've talked to them and posted the following on their website under "iFly Wish-List":

It's always a problem finding Mogas for my 100 HP Rotax engine while away from my home field. A few airports list having Mogas but it's often not available anymore or they don't have the Premimum Grade I need...another words, not up to date and unreliable. How about creating a new section under "Destinations" at

Pilots can write in the new "Mogas" section under "Destinations", fill out a form about availability of Mogas at an airport or how far away. For example, a common place for traveling pilots to get Mogas in California is Harris Ranch (3O8). Nothing is listed in Airport Information but there is a gas station 50 yards from the airport parking and mostly just us locals know about it and use it.

Next, iFly would use this data to create an additional Mogas - "M" icon under "Fuel Prices" and "Map Mode & Layers". Enable this "M" icon and an "M" would show on the screen at the airports where someone has filed a report. Tap on that airport and have a place on the Airport Information where you could read the filed reports and decide if you want to walk to that gas station or perhaps an airport car can be used. Subsequent users could confirm the accuracy or change the data if necessary. 

With this data base, it would be possible to fly most places in the US and find Mogas.


There's a good chance iFly will implement something close to this, this summer and especially if people go to the iFly website and comment on my post. Do you like the idea of having a National Mogas Database for pilots? Tell them!  Would you buy this GPS if you knew you could find Mogas all over the U.S.?  Tell them!


May 1st

Apollo Trikes Urgent Notice - Inspection and Replacement of clip batten tips

By Abid Farooqui

Hi All:

This is a notice for all Apollo trikers that have Profi TL or Reflex series of wings.

It is mandatory to check the integrity of all plastic clip batten tips every 50 hours for the trailing edge (all made by Airborne) and replace any that are suspect at all. Its difficult to judge the strength of the clip closing and thus is during an open and close check anything is suspect at all, please replace the tip immediately. Any of these tips that have been forced open once should not be re-used as they lose a significant amount of their holding resistence to open. These should never be put back together and re-used.

Although SilverLight Aviation is not responsible for other brands but we highly suggest to all trikers flying wings with these Airborne produced clips to follow the same advice we are providing our customers.

These tips can be purchased from various sources like by calling us, calling Northwing or via Aeros or Airborne. All of them come from the same source and produced by Airborne.

In our new wings we do not use these tips any longer and have switched to string batten cords. 

A mandatory safety bulletin will be going out to our customers who are known to have wings with these tips on their trikes. Please spread this if you know someone with these tips in their wings.

This bulletin is offered as a preventative cautious approach based on the following Oz Report and video of a hangglider getting into an unreciverable spiral dive by experienced pilots and recreated by German DHV test pilot.


Apr 12th

Spiral diving claims another victim

By Rizwan Bukhari

There is a lively discussion on . Apparently an Airborne crashed killing the pilot and the passenger. This is a different Airborne than the one we heard about crashing recently.


According to the dicussion on the pilot spiraled into the ground from 500 feet.


This is very tragic and sad. My condolences to the family and friends. I think, going forward spiral recovery should be made part of PTS manuvers.



Mar 31st

FAA Order 8130.2H Airworthiness Certification of Products and Articles

By Rizwan Bukhari






Airworthiness Certification of Products and Articles$FILE/8130.2H.pdf



Operations Limitations Job Aid,$FILE/8130.2H_Operations_Limitations_Job_Aid.pdf

Mar 29th

Trike Shimmying at landing

By Rizwan Bukhari

I went with my friend for a flight today, I fly a Northwing Navajo with HKS 700e. We did a few touch and gos, on two of the landings we felt a significant shimmy.

Now on my trike, I already have a dampner, I am tyring to figure out what could have caused the shimming, the only thing I can think is that my tundra tires were a bit low on air and also the second landing was done probably a bit faster, with about 6 mile cross wind.

Has anyone who owns a Navajo trike exprienced this? sometimes I think due to a four stroke engine, maybe the rear part of the trike already is heavy to begin with, add a 215 pound passenger and slightly deflated tire, coupled with a cross wind landing and all of the above could have contributed to the shimmy.

The first time my speed during the shimmying was around 20s or so, so I punched the throttle and took off again, the second time I applied the brake and that kind of stopped the shimmying.

None the less, I would like your input. For those of you who have tundra tires, what is the pressure you keep in those tires?

I spoke to trike pilot friend, he recommended to check my axles and rear gear assembly, for any cracks or damage and also to land slow and keep the nose wheel up as long as possible at landing. I couldn't find any damage on the trike, so I was hoping for anyone else who has experienced the same shimmying, that could shed some light on this topic and share their solution.





Feb 19th

Oil For 582 Rotax

By Dick Hall
About a year ago Paul Hamiliton gave recommendations for 2 stroke oils.  A clip from the article is below:

Use a good well know reliable oil. Many engine failures are from some new oil mixture, some magic new oil or someone trying to save money on cheap oil. I recommend three types of oil. The most reliable over history is the Pennzoil - 2-cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil. This has been tested and is proven to be the best dinosaur oil. This is the preferred oil if you are in a humid area and/or go for longer periods without running your engine. Pennzoil - 2-cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil produces the least amount of carbon deposits (for dinosaur oil) and keeps oil on internal components with so they do not corrode when sitting in a humid environment  for longer periods without being run.

The new Aero Shell Sport PLUS 2 has been recently developed specifically for Rotax 2 stroke engines and has been tested and provides the same protection as the Penzoil. This is another recommended viable option.

I just installed Oil injection on my low hour 582 grayhead and wanted recommendations for 2 stroke oil which I got from the above blog.  The only problem is this.  Aero Shell Plus 2 is no longer made and is discontinued according to the supplier.  As is Pennzoil 2 Cycle air cooled oil.  The only replacement is Pennzoil Outdoor Multipurpose 2 Stroke oil. See discription below: 

Pennzoil® Premium Outboard and Multi-Purpose 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a high-performance 2-cycle engine oil meeting or exceeding the warranty requirements of all leading manufacturers of 2-cycle products including chain saws, lawn mowers, motorcycles and string trimmers, as well as outboard engines made by: Johnson/Evinrude, Mercury Marine, Yamaha, Suzuki, Nissan, Force/US Marine, Mariner, Sears and all other manufacturers requiring NMMA TC-W3® oil.

Any opinions on this using this oil would be appreciated.  It seems there isn't much of any other choices other than the oils found in the Walmart aisle.  It appears that manufacturers like Shell, Pennzoil and Castrol don't have enough of a market to justify producing a specialized oil such as Aero Shell Plus 2, as they only produced this for a little over a year.  Comments are welcomed  

Jan 12th

Nothing like being a pilot

By Abid Farooqui
We take a lot of things for granted in our lives. People here who fly, take flying for granted. We should always remember what a select group of individuals we are to break the bounds of gravity just because we can and for having fun.

Find the time to cherish things you love and find the time to fly, safely.

ERIC MAGNAN - showreel from AIRBORNE FILMS on Vimeo.

Dec 11th

'it's a little airyplane'

By monty stone

i frequently trailer my trike, and often, inquisitive earthlings ask 'what is it'?  well, trike don,t cut it. their little kiddie has a trike, and it don't fly!  using fed-speak 'flex-wing' only makes it seem dangerous! so, i usually tell 'em 'it's a little airyplane', which seems to satisfy the average proleteriat, but one little snot-nosed pre-adolescent asked 'who flyes it for you? obviously his part-formed logic-center (centre to my anglo buds)  couldn't equate how a pot-belly, bald, funny-talking octogenerian could possibly master this fearsome array of tubes and wires, when i admitted " i do" he walked away muttering 'lying old coot! another time when i was busy 'fettling' my trike a feminine  voice behind me said  "it's bigger than i expected". well! it's been a LONG time, if ever, that i,ve heard similar words! the voice belonged to a little old lady out walking her dog, which had not stuffed its snout into my crotch, nor had 'it' tried to hump my leg, so i didn't know she was there. she lived locally and said she enjoyed watching me fly my 'little airyplane' and that it 'looked like fun'. i agreed, it was fun 'flying my little airyplane'.. ps. for the non-anglophiles 'fettling' refers to tightening the swathes of baleing wire seemingly applied to those parts most likely to fall off, also wrapping another layer of duct-tape to any weather ravedged tape already applied to cover something we would rather not see any more, etc.  pps. some years ago  we 'trike drivers' had a lively discussion as to what it is that we fly. hardly anyone suggested 'flex-wing', but that's what we're stuck with. so be it.  but i still like to think i fly 'a little airyplane' it's more fun that way.  ppps i remember when SEX was fun and FLYING was dangerous! but, now.....                       monty

Dec 7th

Any Trike Pilots that also fly PPGs Powered Paragliders

By Rizwan Bukhari


Is there any pilots on this forum that also fly PPGs? I have been thinking about exploring PPG flying in 2015.

I have done some research on it, my biggest fear like most new pilots would be the wing collapsing. Personally, I think this can be a great form of aviation. My inspiration to explore this field came from reading the book, "Running into the sky by Chris Wolf".

If there is anyone who was/is a PPG  pilot then I would like to hear your story and experiences and recommendations.



Oct 12th

Books or movies on trike flying

By Rizwan Bukhari
Hi all,

I just got done with my final Securities exam, so now I have a lot of free time to read.

I would like to know if there is any book or videos that you can recommend, related to flying and flying adventures, they don't necessarily have to be about trike flying but any kind of flying related interesting book or video that you enjoyed or it inspired you.

I would appreciate your recommendations.