Sep 7th

How hard is the sport pilot exam?

By Rizwan Bukhari

 I would like to know how hard is the FAA written sport pilot exam? I am using the TestPrep book and Prepware software and in addition I am also using Prepare to test online bank of questions.

The questions on Prepware and Prepare to test are almost identical so I am thinking that both of them probably use the same FAA question pool.

How was your written FAA test and if you can give me tips for success, I would really appreciate that.

Rizzy :)

Aug 22nd

Online resources for Sport Pilot Exam

By Rizwan Bukhari

Can anyone tell me of any online resources for Sport Pilot exam. I use to have a test prep cd but now I don't have it and also I don't have a computer with a CD, it is just a netbook with no CD-ROM.

I don't mind paying for the downloadable questions that don't require a cd.


Jul 30th

Gibbo Manta 15 meter with an HKS 700e, a good idea or not?

By Rizwan Bukhari

I am thinking of buying my second wing and like your input. Currently I fly a 19 meter Northwing with my Navajo trike that has an HKS 700e engine and I am thinking of getting a 15 meter single surface wing and I need your guidance.

On one hand you have Northwing and on the other Gibbo. Gibbo wing is at least 2000 dollars cheaper. But because of the reduced span of the Gibbo wing, I have heard that your engine has to work extra hard by at least 800 rpms for the same level that right?

All I want to do is to get a 15 meter for kinda mid day flying. I am still not a big cross country guy, just like to get air time around the patch but want to fly just a tad bid faster.

In the past I had thought of getting a 12.5 meter Gibbo and was very strongly discouraged by many on this forum.

Guidance please :)
Apr 7th

Flycom, Lynx or Comtronics?

By Rizwan Bukhari

I am trying to decide of what system to use for my new trike. In the past I have used Lynx system and loved it. But I want to know what do you prefer and why? I have the option of buying completely a new system. My trike comes with Comtronics helmets but it is not a complete system and I just wanted to find out if there is something better out there.


Mar 27th

AC Fun Racer For Sale

By John Olson
Air Creation Fun Racer 447/Fun 14 (103 legal weight) 140 hours Total Time BRS (expired) 2-Blade composite prop 10-gallon fuel tank Over-sized rear tires with wheel spats T-pod full of instruments $9,500 (compare to $17,000 here: Located in Minnesota Call Ole (425) 280-4198 * I have lots more photos and videos of this little beauty in flight!
Mar 26th

Expired Re-Registration

By Rizwan Bukhari
If an experimental aircraft's re-reistration gets expired, how does the owner go about getting it fixed. I know a trike owner where his re-registration expired this Sept 2012 and when he realized, he sent the forms to the FAA to re-register and the FAA sent the form back and sent him another form to submit...

Does anyone know how to fix this and what forms to use and what is the process and what is the time window a person is looking at to get it fixed?


Mar 24th

Comtronics Communication Equipment

By Rizwan Bukhari
Does anyone have experience with Comtronics Communication Equipment. That is the equipment installed on my new trike that I shall be receiving soon. The equipment includes two helments with headsets and and Ultracom box.

Also how do you install and antenna with this set up? With my previous trike I had a Lynx system with an Antenna installed. The Ultracom box doesn't seem to accomodate an antenna...any ideas?