Dec 20th

How to ship the wing across the country

By Rizwan Bukhari

Someone in Florida is interested in buying my wing. I live in Idaho. Does anyone know a way to ship a wing that distance and make sure it makes it in one piece?


Dec 17th

Mako 15 wing

By Rizwan Bukhari

Is there anyone on trike pilot who has flown the new Mako 15 wing by Gibbo Gear. So far I have heard only things about it's handling and performance. But I would like to talk to someone who has experienced this wing for their first hand account.

I have saved up enough to buy a new wing, now I am just trying to do some in depth research.


Dec 11th

How to enjoy cold weather flying... Mexico style.

By John Olson
FreeMexicanAirforce.jpgMy amigos with the Free Mexican Airforce will sell you a...

Well, I can't say it... But it's a 4-letter word.

Dec 1st

Next UPS - a decade from now

By Abid Farooqui
Future delivery of merchandise. FAA is currently working on regulatory framework on allowing pilot-less drones in the airspace (lower). This will happen within a decade everywhere. Your next home UPS truck. Read about it at   

So since some of you said that this will not happen because of this and that, I went looking and found that this is already happening on a limited test basis but there are already some signs of machine system problems that will have to be worked out. For example, look at the picture below from a test delivery in the UK by Amazon.

Nov 21st

Best Gibbo wing for an HKS700e motor

By Rizwan Bukhari

Ok Folks,


This is my dilemma, I really like Gibbo wings, in pictures they look like they are built like a tank. But every time I muster the courage up to think about buying one (even though Gibbo has a great loyal following), I get a lot of opinions from the people that swear by Northwing (but everyone is entitled to their opinions). I am hoping to make a rational decision here not based on just the opinions. I think Gibbo wings are priced very fairly too (almost 3k less than a Northwing). 

So I have two questions for Gibbo wing flyers. I have an HKS 700e motor with a 19 meter strutted Northwing. The other day I was flying near Payette, Idaho and the air was very turbulent so it required some effort on my part to fly.  

My question is this what Gibbo wing is best matched to a HKS 700e motor which many say is a little bit stronger than a 503. For the most part I fly by myself, but my dad is moving to Idaho next year and I will be flying him quite frequently and wanted a Wing that can accommodate two 200 pound people. I think my trike (Northwing Navajo) empty weight with the HKS motor is about 540 pounds. Put two 200 pound passengers and now we are looking at 940 pounds. With all that weight and an HKS motor. What Gibbo wing is the best match? 

I am not a cross country pilot, I am a patch flyer. But I am looking for a wing that I can fly by myself in strong turbulence (and it doesn't require as much effort as a 19 meter wing) in turbulent air or thermals but which also has the ability of hauling two passengers occasionally with an HKS 700e motor and not overwork the engine (with one or two passengers). 

I still love my 19 meter Northwing, it also is a blast to fly in calm conditions. At one time I thought of getting a Gibbo 17 meter RST wing (instead of the more popular 15 meter RST) to give me better ability of hauling two people (a pilot and a passenger). But then I thought, what if the difference is not significant between a 17 meter Gibbo and a 19 meter Northwing? One of my all time favorite wings was an Aeros  Stranger (maybe a Stream) (I believe it is 16 meter double surface) I loved the way it handled.


What are you suggestions? Is there anyone by Boise, Idaho or nearby areas that flies Gibbo wings, I sure would like to test fly the wing to get a better feel for it. Please help me out make a good decision here.



Nov 20th

New Gibbo Wing Mako 15 RST

By Rizwan Bukhari

Gibbo Gear is coming out with a new wing, a 15 meter double surface, check out their website

In the desciption it says "100% double surface increases top end speed and lowers the stall speed....Not sewing the under surface to the top surface allows the two surfaces to shift independently of each other during flight improving handling. Another cool feature of the detached under surface is you can pre-flight your entire airframe!"

What is difference between a regular double surface wing (which as I understand typically are 80 percent double surface) vs this wing, which is 100 percent double surface.

The other question is a 100 percent double surface wing would be much more cleaner and faster than a 80% double surface wing, how does that help lower the stall speed? If anything I would think that it would increase Stall speed.

Am I right in my thinking?
Nov 13th

my 2 cents. or sex at 79!

By monty stone
i just took a leaflet out of my mailbox informing me that i could have sex at 79!  i'm so happy because i live at number 81 , so it's not too far to walk home afterwards, and being on the same side of the street i won't even have to cross the road afterwards!  ..............hugs monty
Sep 7th

How hard is the sport pilot exam?

By Rizwan Bukhari

 I would like to know how hard is the FAA written sport pilot exam? I am using the TestPrep book and Prepware software and in addition I am also using Prepare to test online bank of questions.

The questions on Prepware and Prepare to test are almost identical so I am thinking that both of them probably use the same FAA question pool.

How was your written FAA test and if you can give me tips for success, I would really appreciate that.

Rizzy :)

Aug 22nd

Online resources for Sport Pilot Exam

By Rizwan Bukhari

Can anyone tell me of any online resources for Sport Pilot exam. I use to have a test prep cd but now I don't have it and also I don't have a computer with a CD, it is just a netbook with no CD-ROM.

I don't mind paying for the downloadable questions that don't require a cd.