Nov 10th

Introduction to Trike Flying

By Rizwan Bukhari

I found this vintage video about introduction to Trike Flying. Thought you might enjoy it :)


Oct 21st

Speed range in Strut wings vs Cable braced wing

By Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,


Most strut wing manufacturers always highlight the wide speed range in their wing advertising.


I am trying to figure out that what makes a Strut wing have a wide speed range. Would a strut wings offer a wider speed range than a similar sized and shaped cable braced wing?


And if that is the case then what makes a Strut wing have the wider speed range.


Any help in understanding this concept would be greatly appreciated.





Oct 18th

Adding a sea - water rating to land pilot and CFI

By Paul Hamilton


One of my students just bought a Cygnet so I went to Hanging’ Over Havasu with Joe Lorenzen who trained me on water. Here are some of my perspectives on this experience. Adding water trike to land trike.


It is all about the water. You search around until you find the best water and land right into the wind. Looking seeing evaluating the water and wind ON THE WATER is a key factor.


Similar to land trikes, it is best to keep the bar out to take the load off the floats for takeoff and landing.


The waves were harder than I thought they would be. I thought they would be softer.


Taxing and getting into specific locations was much easier than I thought it would be. With the Cygnet, as you taxi, it does not turn very quick. When you put the wheels down it slows it right down and now you have an extra front steering rudder that makes taxing much more responsive.


Getting the wheels up and down takes quite allot of strength.


It is easy to forget wheels up or down so this checklist for landing is very important.


I was told that landing in the water with wheels down will flip the trike over but landing with the wheels up on land is less eventful, in fact just scraping up the bottom.


It is really fun learning a new skill and Joe Lorenzen did a great job.


Additionally, Leo Fitzgerald did both of my proficiency checks for pilot and CFI. We got to do spiral recovery in the Cygnet for both pilot and CFI.


 Thanks again Joe and Leo. Really proud of both of you who I did checkrides over 10 years ago. Keep up the great work.


 Any additional comments from experienced Sea trikers is helpful.


Sep 25th


By monty stone

i wasn't sure whether to blog this or not, but apart from me  showing my pathetic ignorance about such things (as well as many others!) here goes. hoping that others out there in 'flex-wing flying-thingy' land might learn from any advice from the 'dear abby' of trikers, you know who i mean!  i recently bought a 2002 aircreation fun 14 / 447 trike. it, has a bar position problem, at trim , hands off level altitude the bar is WAY forward, so far in fact my arms are locked, making turns 'difficult'.  the  'suggestion bar' is only six inches from the 'down-thingamy ' tube. i've looked at videos on line with pilots flying identical trikes, relaxed, arms bent, smoking cigars, or eating peanut butter sammiches, with the bar halfway in the available space. i've stuffed a big cushion behind me which helps a bit, but i don't know of any trike that comes with a big cushion, so that ain't the answer! it had a '  brs' mounted behind the mast, under the engine which i took off, i weighed the front wheel weight on ground, with and without chute, me not in it and the needle barely moved, and some of those intrepid pilots i viewed had chutes, some didn't, so i don't believe thats the answer. the wing is mounted as far back as it can go, (fast position?), i tried it in the middle of the three holes, if any thing a bit worse! everything seems to be assembled correctly. no parts left over!  unless i have the wing on backwards! (how do you do a weight and balance on a trike?) none of the trikes i've flown have trimmed so far forward , so i've never had to fight this problem before. it flys straight, no signs of damage. it has 83hrs on it . i ain't no ' test-pilut', so i don't really know what to try next! hugs n farts, ............freazier nutszoff                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ps, don't anyone out there call me 'tyrannosaurus arms' my buds here in 'rain country' are already using that one!

Aug 30th

New Aeros Dealership located in Idaho

By Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,


I want to let all of you know that we just recently got the dealership for Aeros Trikes and Wings. We are located in Boise, Idaho and operate out of Caldwell, ID airport.

Aeros makes some of the best trikes and wings. They manufacture Profi TL wing and Ant trike.


Please check our website


Feel free to browse the website, your helpful suggestions and comments are always welcome.


We are really excited about this opportunity. And would love to get you your next Aeros Trike or Wing. We will be getting our first Profi TL wing pictured below and we are very excited about it.


We will also help you in learning how to fly trikes by either assisting you getting qualified CFIs near you or here in Idaho.


You can email us at

or call us at 208-985-9895 for any questions or a quote.









Aug 10th

hirth versus rotax

By monty stone

queen victoria was 'gone' so it had to be in the present century i convinced my wife we HAD to go to sun n fun florida, no mean jaunt from seattle, like driving from scotland to bumfuk, egypt. on a powered parachute stand they had 65 hp hirths for $3000. fuel injection, electric start, pru 1 yr warranty and 1000 hr tbo! thus began several years of misery, and 3 emergency landings. i performed the run-in EXACTLY per the mfrs instructions . the first problem was early on, the engine wouldn't rev past 3500. it was only after me sucking and blowing in the vent line on the f.i. control unit the rpms shot up to7000! the unit was programmed too rich. the first engine out was at about 12 hrs, inc 10 hrs ground run, as per the hirth instr. i was able to land out on camano island wa and tlr it home. the mag side inner main brg had locked. up due to the ball cage having been spot welded together, instead of a delrin cage. hirth īrefused any warranty help, and i was busy grabbing all the used parts i could  find, i would be needing them! i did ship my crank to germany for possible warranty re-consideration, they 'lost' it. my next engine out with this unit  was around 200hrs when the fan belt shredded, the cyl hd temps skyrocketted and while descending a spark plug, with its lead flew past my head, taking the puny 10 mm thread with it., i had to set it down in snake infested scrub land in az, and stumble through half mile to a road. the next, and last engine out was again the mag side inner brg ball cage having broken up, locking the crank.(different crank and case!) i published tthis misshap on ttps. to sum up, the 1000hr tbo is nothing but a sales dept lie. the design flaws are many and even though 'on paper' it looks lovely, my experience is not a 'lovely' one. the us importer, mat, did everything he could to help, tthough not free! but corporate hirth sucks! i may have skipped over other 'problems with this engine, but unless you enjoy a challenget, 'relax with rotax'.                              freazier ballszoff                                                                                                                                                          ps, having read larrys comment i remember now the crankcase was cast styrofoam, my pru bolts all stripped out, totally unpleasant.pps, is anyone out there still flying with this engine? hello , hello.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Aug 9th

Another Trike Crash with two fatalities

By Rizwan Bukhari





As reported


JEFFERSON, Wis. (AP) - Sheriff's officials say two people have died in the crash of an ultralight plane into a river in southern Wisconsin.

Jefferson County Sheriff Paul Milbrath said in a statement Wednesday the pilot, 51-year-old David Plambeck of Edgerton and his passenger 16-year-old Max Burlingame of Fort Atkinson died when the aircraft went down in the Rock River near Jefferson Tuesday night.

The ultralight had taken off from Fort Atkinson Airport just before it crashed about 8 p.m. The sheriff says the plane was nearly submerged when first responders arrived. Recreational boaters on the river helped emergency responders pull the two from the plane. They were pronounced dead by the Jefferson County medical examiner.

Federal aviation officials will investigate





Aug 1st

'to thumb, or not to thumb, aye that's the rub'. (shakespeare)

By monty stone

who ever laid out the plans for us,( by our own admission the 'best design yet'), expressly made a definitive point to have our thumbs 'opposeable'. ( auto mechanics would also have opted for a third arm, growing out of the chest to enable dificult tasks to be simplified, but this was turned down in order to get them durned thumbs configured properly, opposing! ).  this  gadget's requirement was to be able to grasp round things like weapons (so we can kill each other) tools, so we can 'fix' stuff, as well as other 'grasping' tasks like dragging a 'suitable damsel' from your (soon to be )'in-laws' cave. for at least 1000 centuries this design has worked with no 'ammendments necessary'. until, (in geological terms, )the 'recent' introduction of ' weight-shift-aircraft-of-the-flex-wing-variety, known to us 'old school' as trikes. suddenly we 'opposers' are derided and made faces at , even called 'darwinian bottom feeders'  if we insist on wrapping our 'opposeable thumbs in a 'death grip' around the 'suggestion bar', instead of the trike 'gurus' hysterical  insistance 'thumb on top' position, ( or "off to bed with no supper")   . try using a hammer without wrapping your thumb  around the handle! you'll bend the nail, smite your fingers and the hammer will fly accross the room! try picking up little needles from the floor without using this gadget! if monkeys had opposable thumbs they could be taught to fly trikes ( with appropriate instruction and cute little helmets and goggles ), instead of embarassing zoo visitors with their 'simian' version of trying to emulate homonids missuse of our opposable thumb 'app'.)  my question to the 'trike gurus' (you know who you are!) is why i'm not supposed to use my 'death-grip' to 'hang on to this 'contraption' and should use the (to me) awkward thumb on top method. i've tried it and my thumb-muscles don't like it! i checked on 'thumb-tube' videos and 87.6% of pilots use your method, the other  51.4% me inc, insist on gripping that bar with the 'natural' thumb-wrap'. don't confuse me with facts, my mind's made up!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                freazier  nuttszoff

Jul 23rd

is it time?

By monty stone

is it time to banish complacency ? not in any way blaming this as a cause for rebs accident, a possibility only. in my own february 'incident' the big 'C' played a big part in my costly , and painfull rollover, i wasn't really concentrating on what was happening around me. after all, i was only repeating what, and where i had taken off umpteen times before! i was COMPLACENT. and paid the price! as in all of lifes 'negative' experiences it would be nice to delete and re-do the causes, as yet, we don't have that 'app'.  so, how and what can we do to continue and enhance our 'floppy wing flying things' addiction? over the years we've discussed 'safety', and for a while we tend to tighten up our act a bit, more thorough pre-flight, etc, etc. but i know in my own case i get a bit 'complacent' and don't pay as much attention to the 'details' as i should. when a tragedy like rebs accident happens it's a wake-up call for ALL of us. if it can happen to a pilot like reb, it can easily get us 'lesser' pilots. so what can WE do to enhance our being able to still be flying these 'contraptions' in our 90s, (not too far ahead for some of us!). so, as has many times before been suggested  don't fly where you can't land, if the big fan behind you quits! don't fly up the center of  box canyons, close to mountains or over water , deeper than a wading pool! or over a wild animal park at feeding time, or over hunters during 'opening day' (lest we are mistaken for geese!) . or over a jealous husbands house, (i'm not explaining that one!). don't rely on a puny 'lap belt', only,  shoulder belts do help!  i've missed many other obvious 'donts', no doubt you smarter homonids have  your own safety 'credos' ranging from your favourite prayer printed on a grain of rice, duct-taped to your visor , to the 'lucky' rabbits paw hung on your ignition key ring. (it wasn't too lucky for the rabbit, but maybe it'll work for you!) i would also like to see, somewhere a wing grading system/chart listing from one to ten a particular wings ease or difficulty of control and training requred to fly it with a degree of competency, this would be a fairly straightforward task for the gurus , they have the the experience of flying various different wings and us 'mere mortal' trike drivers could then become over-night wing eggspurts!   lastly, how do we, trikers stack up, accident wise, fatal and non with other non comercial 'air-beaters', general av, rotary wings, gliders, balloons etc?  are we in trouble?  if so, what can we do about it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                      frazier nutsoff

Jul 2nd

Reb Wallace died in a trike crash

By Rizwan Bukhari

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. Our beloved Trike Instructor Reb died in a trike crash. There is not much information on it since it happened yesterday. He was with a student at the time of the crash.

I had the pleasure of flying with him many times and was inspired by his knowledge. He will be dearly missed. My condolences are with his family. When I was in Nevada, I flew with him at Lake Meade and the Hoover dam. I went to his house, where he burnt DVDs for me of that flight. I had the pleasure of meeting his wife and also their dog.

I am creating this blog with a very sad heart. And as we find more information about the accident, we will add it to the blog to learn more about what exactly happened.