Dec 31st

Father Goose Bill Lishman passed away

By Rizwan Bukhari


Most of us have seen the movie "Fly Away Home". That movie is based on Bill Lishman and his revolutionary work with helping birds migrate using Ultralight airplanes.


Bill Lishman passed away Dec 30th, 2017. May he rest in peace.



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Dec 11th

ha ha

By monty stone

   did you hear about the guy that couln't tell the difference between toothpaste and putty?                                                                                                                                            all his windows fell out.

Dec 6th

runway ahead, versus runway behind..........

By monty stone

you may be getting old when...........................................................................

everyone starts calling you Sir,  and elderly ladies offer you their bus seat............

and you take it !

you start getting 'burial plot' offers in the mail box, and you read them.

you know it must be sunday, 'cos the newspaper is really heavy,........

but you don't know what year it is.

you've always respected your elders, but now there 'aint none.

your grandaughter tells you your man-boobs are bigger than hers,.....

and they  are.

old age 'aint for the 'squeamish'. but it sure beats the alternative........


freazier nuttszoff




Dec 3rd

take-offs optional, landings mandatory. part two

By monty stone

i almost forgot the other part of flight, the landing, or splash-in,(type dependant)  . when i started my FW instruction on ULs in a previous century i only wanted to learn how to land, ( unlike trainee terrorrists who tend to  neglect this part of their training ) reasoning that the rest of flying would  take care of itself. well it did and it does, if you don't 'get' the first two you won't need the landing part. my first flight instructor, jim scott chewed my arse 'cos i kept landing four feet up off the runway, ( some people ARE picky!) he finally got out and yelled " go teach yourself to land". from that moment on i never made a bad landing, well, not many! well allright lots of them, usually getting the major parts into the hanger, though i did destroy my weedhopper's landing gear through flying in really thick fog with ground reference only directly ten feet below me , chopping power, dropping like a rock, thump! my  buds were, sensibly, sitting by the hangers, waiting for the fog to clear, listening to my 377rotax , then they heard the crash and  thought someone had pushed a 'winnabago' off the hanger roof, i guess the 'landing' wasn't as smooth as i'd planned. not real smart but i'm not known for 'smarts'. it took 'em a while to find me, only a hundred feet away! it WAS foggy.. where the hell was i? oh yeah, landing. i practice landing a lot, reasoning that even if it's not as dangerous as the other parts of flying it still needs to be successfull. a successfull landing has most of the parts you took off with still attached when you stop. a failed landing has a bunch of bent tubing and you are upside-down in a ditch, bleeding from your arse-hole. i no longer challenge mother nature, she tends to win, though i do enjoy 'bending' the cardinal rules, sometimes landing where i shouldn't, landing downwind, on rough dirt roads etc. i prefer a steep power at idle final getting really close to the 'terra firma' then level out and bleed off speed till the ground comes up to kiss the tires. sometimes i'll 'fly' it on under power, touching down at a blistering 50 mph,! (just to piss-off the trike gurus), the ONLY cardinal i NEVER bend, ( usually!) is that puny front wheel is ALWAYS aimed directly in the direction my potential wreckage is travelling at touchdown, i usually glance at my feet a coupla seconds before , so i can see both shoes (sandals) , correcting, as neccessary, when the mains 'grab',  making sure that little wheel only has to 'roll' and not correct, regardless what the rest of my trike is doing. this isn't intended even to supplement what current teaching is, only to document this old farts regime                                                                                                                                       freazier nutszoff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ps, anyone know WHY trikes don't have more wheels up front?  i suppose they'd  have to be  called 'flying-quads' . theres always something!

Dec 2nd

'take-offs optional, landings mandatory'. part one

By monty stone

   Of the three 'major' parts of flight, take-off, landing , and the 'bit in-between, it's always the take-off part that i've regarded as the most dangerous. morphing from a rolling mass of 'stuff' with only one 'puny' front wheel to a gracefull 'flying thing' ( or as frequently put ' a bunch of parts flying in close formation'.) has always imbued me with awe, and some anxious thoughts of ' will it fly' to 'AH-HA as the wing takes the load and becomes, for a while my personal 'magic carpet' and it never ceases to please and amaze me that  i've been able   to experience this for so long for so little. for me, the 'bit in-between the take-off and the landing is no longer as important, unlike 'our HENRY, and many others i no longer seek 'adventure first- hand , and i'm able to vicariously enjoy, through their videos, that part. i suppose, i'm more content with exercising skills learned long ago , courtesy  of Ole, and others, and while deteriorating slowly still enable me to ' get it up' ( the trike i mean!) weather permitting, and while i don't risk taking -up others i'm able to perform to a personal safe (for me!) level. golf and flower-arranging, while beckoning don't have the allure of triking, plus i'm beginning to make some fairly decent 'arrivals', though a recent 'departure' wasn't too gracefull! we triker guys have much to be thankfull for that in this little 'corner' of mans existence we are able to enjoy what had previously eluded him, to 'fly like the birds'.                                                                                                                                                    freazier nutszoff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ps Pauls recent blog explaining the 'triking' thing to pilots of 'real' airplanes  was absolutely awesome! ( another example of ' some people being smarter than they look!)                                                                                                                        ō                                                 pps yeah i know there are even MORE birdlike experiencers, hangies, 'jumpers', wingsuits etc, no disrespects to them, but i'm only a triker! and have a 'narrow' minded perspective.                                                                                                          

Nov 27th

Skydat 2 cables

By tom speirs

does anyone know how I can get the cables etc have a screen but need everything else 

Nov 10th

Introduction to Trike Flying

By Rizwan Bukhari

I found this vintage video about introduction to Trike Flying. Thought you might enjoy it :)


Oct 21st

Speed range in Strut wings vs Cable braced wing

By Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,


Most strut wing manufacturers always highlight the wide speed range in their wing advertising.


I am trying to figure out that what makes a Strut wing have a wide speed range. Would a strut wings offer a wider speed range than a similar sized and shaped cable braced wing?


And if that is the case then what makes a Strut wing have the wider speed range.


Any help in understanding this concept would be greatly appreciated.





Oct 18th

Adding a sea - water rating to land pilot and CFI

By Paul Hamilton


One of my students just bought a Cygnet so I went to Hanging’ Over Havasu with Joe Lorenzen who trained me on water. Here are some of my perspectives on this experience. Adding water trike to land trike.


It is all about the water. You search around until you find the best water and land right into the wind. Looking seeing evaluating the water and wind ON THE WATER is a key factor.


Similar to land trikes, it is best to keep the bar out to take the load off the floats for takeoff and landing.


The waves were harder than I thought they would be. I thought they would be softer.


Taxing and getting into specific locations was much easier than I thought it would be. With the Cygnet, as you taxi, it does not turn very quick. When you put the wheels down it slows it right down and now you have an extra front steering rudder that makes taxing much more responsive.


Getting the wheels up and down takes quite allot of strength.


It is easy to forget wheels up or down so this checklist for landing is very important.


I was told that landing in the water with wheels down will flip the trike over but landing with the wheels up on land is less eventful, in fact just scraping up the bottom.


It is really fun learning a new skill and Joe Lorenzen did a great job.


Additionally, Leo Fitzgerald did both of my proficiency checks for pilot and CFI. We got to do spiral recovery in the Cygnet for both pilot and CFI.


 Thanks again Joe and Leo. Really proud of both of you who I did checkrides over 10 years ago. Keep up the great work.


 Any additional comments from experienced Sea trikers is helpful.


Sep 25th


By monty stone

i wasn't sure whether to blog this or not, but apart from me  showing my pathetic ignorance about such things (as well as many others!) here goes. hoping that others out there in 'flex-wing flying-thingy' land might learn from any advice from the 'dear abby' of trikers, you know who i mean!  i recently bought a 2002 aircreation fun 14 / 447 trike. it, has a bar position problem, at trim , hands off level altitude the bar is WAY forward, so far in fact my arms are locked, making turns 'difficult'.  the  'suggestion bar' is only six inches from the 'down-thingamy ' tube. i've looked at videos on line with pilots flying identical trikes, relaxed, arms bent, smoking cigars, or eating peanut butter sammiches, with the bar halfway in the available space. i've stuffed a big cushion behind me which helps a bit, but i don't know of any trike that comes with a big cushion, so that ain't the answer! it had a '  brs' mounted behind the mast, under the engine which i took off, i weighed the front wheel weight on ground, with and without chute, me not in it and the needle barely moved, and some of those intrepid pilots i viewed had chutes, some didn't, so i don't believe thats the answer. the wing is mounted as far back as it can go, (fast position?), i tried it in the middle of the three holes, if any thing a bit worse! everything seems to be assembled correctly. no parts left over!  unless i have the wing on backwards! (how do you do a weight and balance on a trike?) none of the trikes i've flown have trimmed so far forward , so i've never had to fight this problem before. it flys straight, no signs of damage. it has 83hrs on it . i ain't no ' test-pilut', so i don't really know what to try next! hugs n farts, ............freazier nutszoff                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ps, don't anyone out there call me 'tyrannosaurus arms' my buds here in 'rain country' are already using that one!