Jan 23rd

Strong US Dollar - best time to order your new P&M trike!

By Tony Castillo
It is worth mentioning that the dollar is strong and the GP exchange is the lowest it has been in 11 years!!! also, there has not been a price increase yet for the 2015 models!!!

If you have been thinking on upgrading to the world class P&M trike, regardless of the model you choose, do not wait! place your order with a deposit to lock the price and have your trike ready to fly by end of Spring!

P&M trikes hold their value well, and having the opportunity to purchase a 2015 trike at 2014 prices, and with an exchange rate the lowest in 11 years it guarantee your investment will hold its value or better.

Call or email. Tony C. P&M USA / pmaviationusa

Jan 21st

Antares and SilverLight Aviation Co-operation

By Abid Farooqui
Hi All:
Antares USA and SilverLight Aviation have decided to cooperate in design and construction of their models and Antares will start sharing an assembly facility with SilverLight Aviation. SilverLight Aviation will help Antares certify new trike models and distribute certified and compliant models in the market. This cooperation will be beneficial to both companies and consumers as the venerable Antares trike designs will once again become available for the US market. Antares has roughly 200 trikes flying in the US market (pre-SLSA) and about a thousand around the world. Sergey Zozulya of Antares will join SilverLight Aviation in Florida.
Jan 8th

Some advantages of winter in FL

By Abid Farooqui
Well Florida does actually get cold. This morning it was 38 F. Yesterday evening was a cool 56 degrees giving us pretty close to real standard conditions at sea level.
I flew Todd Halver's trike whcih he has left at Zephyrhills with me to take to Sebring Expo (Jan 14-17). The flights were short because unknown to Todd the trike has a left turn in it which was being hidden mostly but not completely by his cameras he had installed at different spots. It was fun though going 2-up and getting 1250 FPM easily and getting 98 mph fast cruise at 5050 RPM.

One of the best advantages of this weather is you get to get real test data at standard conditions which is nearly impossible to do in the summer in FL and there is no reliable modeling available specially for trikes to get that data transposed.

This is the time, pilots in Florida can get 55 to 60 degrees, load their trikes up to near full gross weight and test takeoff distance, climb rate etc. for publishing. Get out there and get it done.

We hope to see some of you at Sebring Expo Jan 14-17 at booth 401. We will have 2 trikes, 2 gyroplanes and possibly one airplane there 
Dec 31st

Todd Halver starts new year by flying his DJ-II from NC to FL

By Abid Farooqui
Todd Halver left this morning from near Winston-Salem, NC to Zephyrhills, FL flying his DJ-II 912ULS.

His flight route  can be seen here

He is averaging 97 mph (hardly any headwind or tailwind according to him till right now) and is nearing Live Oak, FL (Peter Wallace) 24J.
You can see him on the SPOT here


Dec 30th

Keeping your feet warmer on cold winter days

By Drew Pawlak
As the temps here in the Northeast have declined I noticed my feet have been getting colder and colder.  Down to about 45* with leather shoes/boots and wool socks my feet were fine.  But below that, the toes got a little numb.

I already fly with an electric heated jacket liner and gloves but before I spent the money on the heated boot liners, I decided to try blocking off the nose duct to see what would happen.  Here is what I did.

1.  I removed the CNC machined nose grill from my Revo with the intention of blocking the port. 5/32" Hex wrench and small adjustable wrench.

2.  I had a used piece of neoprene from an old helmet visor that I cut just larger than the nose grill.  If you don't have neoprene just go to your local Wally world or electronics store and buy a cheap rubber and cloth faced mouse pad for $1.99.  Just make sure it is the thin type - about 1/8" thick max.

3.  I attached it to the front of the grill with a few sqares of double sided foam tape.   I then mounted the grill back into place.

This blocks the airflow through the nose and now my feet stay warm and comfortable.   So far I've flown in temps down to 25*F and all is well.

In my opinion, this looks better than foam or duct tape and is easy to reverse when the weather warms.

Here are a few pictures that show the finished product.

Dec 29th

2015 - Rotax 912iS powered DJ-II

By Abid Farooqui
SilverLight Aviation will be offering Rotax 912iS powered trikes in 2015.

After waiting to see if Rotax settles on its quest to make 912iS stable, it seems like they have setlled on 912iS Sport configuration now for some time to come.

We are beggining to take orders and starting second quarter deliver Rotax 912iS powered trikes to provide potential customers wanting fuel injection and better fuel economy this choice. We will do the same with our gyroplane as well.

There is a substantial premium to pay for 912iS engine but the choice is the customer's. Please free to contact us for further details at info@silverlightaviation.com 
Dec 17th

2001 Pegasus Quantum 912 ** For Sale **

By Tony Castillo

- 2001 Pegasus Quantum 912
- 395 Hrs TT with new sail installed
- Standard instrument set includes ASI, ALT, Compass
- Digital Rotax FLYDAT Engine Monitor System
- Strobe
- Radio 
- Lynx Comm System (Headsets / Helmet / Powered Intercom)
- Handheld GPS
- BRS Installed (need re-pack)
- Engine recently checked and serviced by A&P 
- Condition Inspection completed P&M USA
This is a great looking, great flying aircraft with low hours. Cruising speed 65 mph. Great all around from beginner to more advanced pilots and excellent x-country capability. A brand new sail was installed by P&M authorized rep. in the USA, test flown and tuned.  Includes a custom 12 ft enclosed trailer with a convenient tube which lowers/raises by a winch to carry the wing over the trailer. Contact info@pmaviationusa.com for more information.

Video available:
Dec 14th

Apollo Delta Jet II Flight.

By Mark Crabb

I am an Apollo Monsoon owner considering a new wing to replace my Profi TL 14.5.  I was vacationing in Daytona for the week and decided to make the two and a half hour drive to SilverLight Aviation in Zephyrhills to test fly the new DJ-II with the 12.4 Cheval wing.

 I met Abid on a chilly 40 degree Friday morning.  After a quick preflight and flight control orientation, I climbed in to the front seat and we were off.  The front seat was very comfortable and the controls were almost identical to my Monsoon.  Wing control on the ground was noticeably lighter than my Profi.  As soon as we rotated I could tell that the Cheval was much more nimble than my Profi as well.  We climbed out at about 1000 feet per minute and headed north.  We climbed to 2000ft and made some gentle carving turns.  The wing control was incredibly light and responsive.   Even at hands-off speeds at near 100 MPH it was rock solid and reassuring.  We were at medium trim and cruising about 85 at 4700 RPMs.  I cut the throttle and pulled the bar in to my chest.  The acceleration was incredible and immediate.  After about 3 seconds I glanced down and the air speed indicator was reading 109 MPH.  VNe is 115!  I think I made Abid a little nervous.  I was impressed with the response.  I attempted a few power off stalls but could not get the Cheval in a true stall.  After a few more turns we headed back to the airport.  As we turned for final, I was able to appreciate the glide slope and energy retention of the Cheval.  Out of the corner of my eye I could tell from the wind sock there was a light crosswind but it was not noticeable on the controls. 

The Delta Jet II with the Cheval wing is an impressive and great flying aircraft.  The round trip 5 hour drive to fly it was worth it.  The Cheval will be the next wing on my Monsoon and I’ll get to maintain my S-LSA status. 

If you have the opportunity, give Abid a call and schedule an introductory flight.  You’ll be glad you did.                  

Dec 12th

Type Design Approval for Searey helped by SilverLight Aviation

By Abid Farooqui
Coverage for SilverLight Aviation's engineering certification work by Dan Johnson http://www.bydanjohnson.com/ 

Look for article dated Dec 9, 2014 called "Fresh American LSA & Ultralight Exports"