Jun 3rd

Some Hot Trikes For Sale

By Spencer Forman
Company Logo2008 P&M QUIK 912S (100HP) • $43,000 • LIGHT-SPORT AIRCRAFT FOR SALE! Beautiful 2-SEAT RED P&M QUIK. Great touring trike, cruises at 80MPH, superb handling, and 17 GAL fuel tank for serious cross-country flying. Fuel burn as low as 2.75gal/hr with plenty of power to spare. Inexpensive and easy maintenance. Includes in-flight electric trim system for trim cruise speed range of 60-85MPH. Rear disk brakes, ASI, VSI, ALT, Compass, Fuel Gauge, Rotax Flydat digital engine monitoring systems, trike and engine heavy duty covers, storage bag, gas strut to assist in rasing & lowering the mast/wing, easy to break-down and transport. Like new condition with low hours. • Contact Tony Castillo or John Keith - P&M AVIATION USA, Located Cedartown, GA USA • Telephone: 404-561-7632 . 770-757-4540 . • Fax: 770-748-1442
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P&M QUIK 912S • $39,975 • GREAT OPPORTUNITY Like new: 2007 Quik 912S Experimental N705PM w/ 280 hours. Extras: Enigma EFIS w/ heading sensor ($5500 or more to buy and install), position lights and strobes. This super-maneuverable trike has the state-of-the-art QUIK wing, and converted me from the Airborne XT the first time I flew it. • Contact Craig Valentine, Located Alameda, CA USA • Telephone: 510-220-4905

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May 27th

Sunset Flight at Trikepilot Ranch

By Spencer Forman
The season has officially "begun"... ahhhhhh......


Photo courtesy of Rob Caya (my official co-pilot at the Ranch)

May 27th

Brazilian RC helicopter cellphone delivery service busted

By Spencer Forman
From: http://www.engadget.com/2009/05/26/brazilian-rc-helicopter-cellphone-delivery-service-busted-first/
What do you do when your cellphone-smuggling carrier pigeons get caught on their way to the big house? Why, you go higher tech, of course. Those texting-crazed Brazlian ultra-max prisoners hatched a new plot to fly a radio controlled helicopter up over the wall of a prison, dropping diaper-swaddled handsets into the awaiting hands of criminal non-masterminds on the inside. Unfortunately for them, police foiled the plan when they pulled over the accomplices on the outside, confiscating the chopper, a suite of phones, and arresting the four who were paid just $5,000 to get the plan airborne. Our suggestion for their next attempt? Jetpacks.

[Photo courtesy of AP]
May 1st


By Spencer Forman
From Mike Hudetz:

Hello Friends,
This Sunday, May 3rd at noon, at Cushing Field, we are having a BBQ to raise money to help the US Trike team that is going to represent all of us US trikers at the World Air Games in Turin Italy in June 09.
As some of you know, Scott Johnson and John Dunham have been selected to represent the USA .
These events are entirely funded by  US  pilots and any sponsorship they can get from people like you and me.
I know that for some, these are difficult times for giving money for any cause. Nevertheless, if you are in any kind of position to make a contribution I believe this is good for our sport in general.
Read about it below.
Announcing the World Air Games in Turin, Italy –
Help support your American Team in this 2009 World Event.
Two U.S. Sport Pilots have been invited to compete at the World Air Games.  The most important sporting aviation events in the world will be taking place in Turin, Italy June 6th thru 14th. The FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) has invited a two man USA Trike (microlight) team to pylon race at the World Air Games this summer in Italy. This event features 10 air sports and 22 different events over the course of one week. This is an invitation only event and is regarded as the Olympics of Air Sports worldwide. This year the NAA and USUA competition committee selected two pilots to represent the United States in this top level competition where only eleven different countries across the globe will be represented. The games are held every four years, at different location around the world.You can read more about it on the Wag web site http://www.wag2009.com/eng/

This year At the World Air Games June 6th in Turin Italy our two selected Sport Aviation Athletes, Scott Johnson from Washington State and John Dunham from Nevada will race weight shift aircraft called trikes or microlights in a Reno style low level, pylon air race, one on one. The race is set up for maximum public exposure and world wide television coverage. The USA trike team is looking for support with your contribution helping out with the related expenses including travel, team attire , shipping and insurance. Any support is very much appreciated .

We are also seeking Corporate Sponsors that would like to take advantage of this incredible world wide advertising opportunity.
For more information please contact Scott Johnson at 509-780-8377 or e-mail info@usairborne.com

If you cannot make a donation at the BBQ at Cushing this weekend,
You can send your tax deductable donations to the following address. Or PayPal account.

USA Trike Team
C/O Scott Johnson
P.O. Box 579
Asotin, WA 99402

0r Pay Pal account info@usairborne.com

Scott Johnson
Michael Hudetz
A&M Airsports Ltd.
Cushing Field, Newark, Illinois
Apr 25th


By Spencer Forman

Rarely have I been as impressed with a website as I was this morning when my pal Paul Bass dropped me a link to "The Vintage Aviator" site.

This is simply a MUST SEE for anyone who loves aviation or vintage aircraft. This New Zealand company specializes in the creation of "factory new" flying aircraft that duplicate the original WWI machines in every detail.

Be sure to check out the videos, and also note the flying specs on these machines... not to far off from some of our own high-performance trikes!

My favorite part of the site was the vintage photograph section, especially those that show all the wild 1913-1915 flying clothing... those are not O-Zee suits, that's for sure.

Apr 24th


By Spencer Forman

A good friend of mine made a trip up to TrikePilot Ranch today in order to enjoy the gorgeous 84 degree weather. To my surprise, he pulled up to the Ranch in his "daily driver"... a Ferrari F430 convertible. WOW!

I couldn't resist the photo-op, and promptly whipped out my camera to capture two of the hottest things on three wheels... and four!

Oh, bye the way.... he was a real trooper. Even though I tried to beg off on taking him for a first flight on this day with "17 gusting to 35kt winds", he insisted that he still wanted to go if I felt it safe. Since the wind was steady at that time and down the runway, we popped his flying cherry. If I know him as well as I think... there may be a RED Quik-R coming to the ranch for training in the near future... maybe with an Enzo badge?

Apr 23rd

Whooping Cranes following a Operation Migration microlight

By Spencer Forman

Led by Operation Migration co-founder, Joe Duff, this human led migration annually leads a new generation of Whooping cranes on their 1200+ mile migration from the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in central Wisconsin to the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. Using a specially constructed ultralight, complete with cameras, GPS system and an amplifier system to broadcast calling sounds, Joe and his four man team can cover any where from 50-100 miles per day at a speed of 38 mph.[Barcroftmedia/CFP]


Mar 3rd

Trike Accident in Torrence, CA (Details)

By Spencer Forman

One Lost, One Injured In Torrance Trike Accident

Mon, 02 Mar '09

Aircraft May Have Become Airborne With Flight Controls Secured

The crash of an experimental weight-shift aircraft at the Torrance, CA airport (TOA) last week critically injured the pilot, and took the life of his passenger.

According to a report sent in to ANN by friends of pilot Jon Thornburgh, the 64-year-old instructor and his passenger, 33-year-old Ryan Mouritsen, were preparing Thornburgh's trike for flight February 26 when the aircraft's engine unexpectedly revved up, causing the craft to become airborne before its flight controls were released from a secured "parked" configuration.

The reportedly trike climbed steeply to an altitude of about 100 feet before spiraling into the ground, critically injuring Thornburgh and fatally injuring Mouritsen. The Daily Breeze reports Anshul Mishra, owner of Torrance-based Benbow Aviation, witnessed the incident and rushed to the scene, located between the airport's parallel runways. Mishra and friends pulled the two men from the wreckage.

Mishra said Mouritsen "was in bad shape. When I laid him down, his mouth was full of blood. (Thornburgh) asked not once, but three times, 'How is the student? How is the student?'"

Mouritsen later succumbed to his injuries after being taken to County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Reports indicate Thornburgh suffered a cracked pelvis and a broken leg. His condition has since been upgraded, and is no longer considered critical.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said that initial examination of the wreckage showed the incident may have been caused by a mechanical problem. "There's some indication that the throttle might have gotten stuck," Gregor said.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

(Editor's Note: From 2002 through 2005, Thornburgh (right) was a frequent contributor to ANN on matters related to weight-shift aircraft, and the then-emerging light sport aircraft rules. ANN wishes him a speedy recovery, and extends our condolences to the family of the victim.)

  Regis#: 426MT        Make/Model: EXP       Description: TWIN 503SL GLIDER
  Date: 02/27/2009     Time: 0508

  Event Type: Accident   Highest Injury: Serious     Mid Air: N    Missing: N
  Damage: Substantial

  City: TORRANCE   State: CA   Country: US


INJURY DATA      Total Fatal:   0
                 # Crew:   1     Fat:   0     Ser:   1     Min:   0     Unk:   
                 # Pass:   1     Fat:   0     Ser:   1     Min:   0     Unk:   
                 # Grnd:         Fat:   0     Ser:   0     Min:   0     Unk:   

WEATHER: KTOA 270350Z 00000KT 15SM SCT020 12/10 A3013

  Activity: Pleasure      Phase: Taxi      Operation: OTHER

  FAA FSDO: LONG BEACH, CA  (WP05)                Entry date: 02/27/2009

FMI: www.faa.gov, www.ntsb.gov
Feb 20th


By Spencer Forman

Great article about Operation Migration in the New York Times online: