Dec 27th

Pegasus France - My Future Vacation Spot!

By Spencer Forman

Pegasus France.jpg

Puis-je aller dans votre Trike ?

During these cold winter months it is hard to stay motivated... with over a foot of snow here in the Midwest, the days of Summer are far.... out in the future.

Just stumbled upon a great blog from Pegasus France, with a photo that really got me jazzed-up about triking again. They have what appears to be ideal conditions for year round flying and training in Pegaus Quik 450's.

It's been many years since I was last in the south of France and Spain... but man, this has really got me doing the math again on another trip ;-)

Nov 4th

Make Trikepilot Ranch your Vacation Destination!

By Spencer Forman


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Hey gang,

For the first time ever, we have thought of an amazingly inexpensive and fun way to get to know our fellow trike enthusiasts, while at the same time, spreading the love of our sport.

Starting this spring, we are going to be offering weekend and weekday "getaway" packages to stay at the Trikepilot Ranch here in gorgeous SouthWest Michigan. Set on twelve acres of fresh blueberries, the TP Ranch has a 1500'x75' sod runway (1000' useable), hangar and garage space with full tools, a basketball and tennis court, hot tub, ATV track, wild flower hiking trail, mountain and road bikes, and more!

The Ranch has room to sleep three to four couples, or two full families with kids. There is plenty of room for your motorhome or trailer, so you are welcome to bring out your own machine to fly, or we can arrange to provide you with aerial tours through our gorgeous rolling wine country and lake shore in our P&M Quik*.

We provide all of the towels, linens, and housewares for you to enjoy a relaxing stay at the Ranch, while still keeping in touch with work or family via our complimentary high-speed internet. Spend the evenings enjoying movies on the High Def LCD display provided for you in the living room, or simply relax with a glass of wine on the back deck while gazing at stars in the crisp and clean Michigan countryside.

Just a little over one hour from Chicago (80 miles), you can easily make this a stop-over on the way to other destinations, or make it a destination in itself! A free pass to the Warren Dunes State Park is included so that you can hike or swim to your heart's content. There is also Tabor Hill Winery around the corner, and the adorable town of New Buffalo Michigan about five miles South. For those of you looking for some night-life, we have the brand-new Four Winds Casino and Resort for gambling,  dining and dancing into the morning hours.


We are offering the Ranch for the price of $250.00 per night, everything included. Think about it... up to eight people can come and enjoy flying, hiking, biking, swimming, tennis, hitting golf balls, blueberry picking (in season), and more, all on twelve gorgeous private acres... for as little as $31.25 per person! Where else can you find that kind of fun for so little cash?

Since I make the Ranch my full-time work-live home during the flying season months of March through November, spots are limited and I would like to gauge interest level from our friends here at In order to ensure first-come-first-serve, a modest deposit will hold your spot until the Spring, and will allow me to make plans to spend time with each of you who would like to include some Quik flying in the mix as well.

If you are interested in a very unique getaway, please contact me with any questions or potential days that you would like to visit. I can be reached at, where you can email me your contact phone number for me to call you back, or call my Google voice number of 312.492.4481.


*any rides in the Quik are gratuitous, non-commercial, and not being offered for sale as part of this package*

070806 006.jpghouse2.jpg

Aug 27th

PM QuikR NTSB Accident Report Released - John Keith

By Spencer Forman

NTSB Identification: ERA09LA369
14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Thursday, June 25, 2009 in Cedar Town, GA
Aircraft: P&M Aviation LTD Quikr, registration: N433PM
Injuries: 2 Fatal.


This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed.
On June 25, 2009, at 1630 eastern daylight time, a P&M Aviation LTD QuikR, Special Light Sport Aircraft, N433PM, was observed to be in a steep spiral before colliding with the ground, near Cedartown, Georgia. The certificated sport pilot and his passenger were killed, and the aircraft was substantially damaged by impact forces. The flight was operated as a personal flight under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91, and no flight plan was filed. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The flight originated from the Cedartown Airport at an unspecified time.

According to a witness, he watched as the aircraft was making steep maneuvers before it entered a downward spiral. The aircraft continued to spiral at a high rate of descent before impacting the ground in an open field.

The pilot, age 44, held a sport pilot certificate. The pilot's last medical examination was on January 1, 2008, for a third-class medical certificate with no limitations. The pilot reported 300 flight hours on his last medical application. The pilot's logbook was not available for inspection.

The two seat, weight shift, fixed gear aircraft, was manufactured in 2009. It was powered by a Rotax 912ULS, 100hp engine and equipped with a 2-bladed Senich propeller. The 2-bladed propeller was not approved for this application by the aircraft manufacturer. The recommended propeller was a 3-bladed warp drive propeller. No aircraft logbooks were available for review.

Examination of the aircraft airframe and flight control system components revealed no evidence of preimpact mechanical malfunction. All flight tubes were damaged consistent with impact and showed no signs of preimpact failure. Further inspection of the engine and system components revealed valve train continuity with no evidence of preimpact mechanical malfunction.
Aug 1st

Trikepilot crosses 1000 Members!

By Spencer Forman

Congratulations to Gerald Monks for being our 1000th member!

Upload a picture and tell us about yourself Gerald... ;-)

Jul 20th

Who is coming to TrikeFest 2009?

By Spencer Forman

Trikefest 2009.jpg

Let's get a head count... it's coming up this Friday through Sunday!

Click HERE to indicate if you are going and to get more details...
Jul 20th

Cool New Aviation Magazine Online - AV8

By Spencer Forman

AV8 Magazine - June 2009.jpg

You can check this one out online using the really awesome digital magazine viewer. Just click HERE to view the full June 2009 edition.
Jul 15th


By Spencer Forman


Ok Gang, we're coming up on an important milestone soon... our 1000th member!

As the founder of Trikepilot Social, this is very gratifying... since the site is a labor of love.

I started Trikepilot Social in 2007 to expand upon my original Trikepilot video site, and to achieve the following goals:

  1. To make a place where ALL Trikepilots could share their pictures, videos, stories, passion, and advice with others;
  2. To make a place that was completely democratic and not run with a heavy hand (like the old ULT yahoo board...sigh...);
  3. To create a resource where Trikepilots from around the world can access information about other pilots, their machines, technical data, new products, and more;
We've made great progress in the last year since the knuckleheads at nuked the original Trikepilot Social site. Our new site here on SocialGO is greatly improved in design and layout, and more importantly the membership consists entirely of trike enthusiasts, rather than spammers or lurkers.

There is one improvement I would like to make to the site in the next 12 months.

In contrast to goal number three above, Trikepilot Social does not currently have a good database of information about the members, what machines they are flying, support documents for these machines, equipment in use, or reviews of new equipment. Since we have such a relatively small group of enthusiasts, it seems only logical to make Trikepilot into THE resource for such data... and make it VALUABLE to our members in the process. I want to grow this site further in the next year, and this will include a focus on aggregating data for your use.

Paramount to growing Trikepilot Social is the need to keep the majority of the site free, and publicly viewable (no membership required to browse). On the other hand, in order to get to the "next level", I have some ideas on how to balance out the cost of the same by creating a new "premium" section of Trikepilot to compliment the free.

The concept is simple. Those members of Trikepilot who wish to become "premium" members, would get certain benefits and privileges that are not otherwise available on the main site, but these would be in addition to the great stuff already here on Trikepilot, and would not change or remove any of the existing free features.

Some examples:

  1. A Woot like product/service auction for Premium Members on a monthly or weekly basis

    For those of you who don't know of Woot, it is a tremendously fun site that offers a limited quantity of some cool electronics or gadgets on a daily basis. Once the product of the day is sold-out (at a hugely reduced price from retail), then it is all over and no more products are sold that day. Basically, a closeout sale site.

    I think a similar idea would work great on Trikepilot Social. There are literally hundreds (thousands?) of highly desirable aviation products on the market that we could procure from the Manufacturers or Wholesalers at steeply reduced prices, in exchange for some marketing and promotion of their company on the site. If we offered these auctions on a regular basis (maybe weekly or monthly) in a Woot-style manner, then the power of our membership traffic could be used to create a sort of "buyers club" price point for a small quantities of highly desirable products, sold on a first-come-first-served basis;
  2. Premium Membership Software and Services for Aviation and MultiMedia

    My day job is running a software company with Mick Balaban, called WidgetLaboratory. As such, we're in the unique position of being able to create nearly any kind of widget or solution for work or for play. There are dozens of cool ideas we have either already created, or have floating around, that would be really valuable to Trikepilots. Membership on the "premium" side of the site would provide access to some pretty slick software and service goodies, and the storage and support to operate the same. All of that useful member data would be utilized in these software products and produce something quite valuable that has never been done before for Trikepilots;
In the end, so long as the nominal cost of becoming a "premium" member are outweighed by the tangible or monetary benefits... it should be a no-brainer. That is where all of you come in.

Rather than trying to decide this unilaterally, I would prefer to take your comments on this post below and find out what you think about this idea, and also receive your input as to where the "price point" might work out for monthly premium membership. Let me give you an example of how I think it might work, and then turn it over to all of you for comments.

Let's say we have a Woot-style product auction on a weekly or monthly basis. There is, for example the Spot Personal Location Device that I personally use, and highly recommend to all Trikepilots, to ensure that you never get stuck without someone knowing where you are at all times.

The Spot retails for around $150 bucks with and has service option packages for another $150 per year. If Trikepilot Social was able to get wholesale pricing on this product or lower, then let's say one could purchase one of maybe 10 Spots that we were able to obtain, for a price of $120 bucks each (just an example), and we obtained free service for a year. That would be $30 under retail, a nice bargain of 25%, and $150 on the service (100% off).

Just a couple bargains like this, and the nominal cost of a premium membership is effectively "free", while still delivering the intangible benefits from the premium features or software that would be part of the bargain.

So... the big question.

What are YOUR thoughts about having a premium membership option? And if we had one, what would be the "sweet spot" on price?

Please provide your comments and ideas below.

Thanks and Safe Flying!