Dec 29th

Hey Gang! - New Ideas for TPSocial in 2012!

By Spencer Forman
I've been extremely excited to see how many quality video producers have "blossomed" here at TPSocial... awesome!

When I started this site back in 2001, there was no one publishing any video from trikes (at all)... and I was happy to put up postage-stamp sized low res vids.


Fast forward to 2012, and we now have HD resolution, and studio-quality production levels... all being done by passionate individuals with no formal training. WOW!


After trying some new things last year to expand our community offerings, it has become clear that the number-one most used feature on this site is the video hosting and commenting. As such, I'm going to "re-boot" the Trikepilot Pro side of the site in January by creating a "Featured Producer" section.

This new section will be for site members who have previously posted videos that demonstrate an incredible sense of style and production value. Once someone is invited to be a "producer" of videos on the pro-side, their videos will be featured in this new section and receive the voting of the community.

It is not my intention to be exclusionary, and no one will ever be prohibited from posting to TPSocial. Rather it is a way to focus the spotlight, and give some special attention, to those who demonstrate that they are really crazy-wild over making awesome videos. For everyone else, it is a way to have a more "cinematic" experience, with a curated menu of "top-notch" videos from which to view (if you so choose).

Let me know what you think about this idea?

Safe and Happy New Year!
Jun 16th

TrikeFest is JUST around the corner!

By Spencer Forman

Time is "Flying" (hopefully in a P&M Quik ;-) fast, and the 2011 TrikeFest will be here before you know it. Here are some images from past events that were sent to me by Mike Hudetz. Hope to see some of you guys there this year! Click for Photo Gallery: and Gallery Two

Jun 14th

Some Tips & Tricks on Camcorder and Mounting Choices

By Spencer Forman
Hi Howie! Thanks for your message.
The equipment I use varies, but in general I’m lately using the following: 1) Bogen/Manfrotto Mounts, especially SuperClamps; 2) GoPro HD Hero:

I edit everything on MAC using screenflow (rather than imovie or Final Cut Pro), though you can use any editing tool you wish. I’m a traditionalist, and a bit of a McGyver, so I shoot my videos the old fashioned way and use one-camera with multiple takes edited together (A and B Roll). 
In the past I’ve done multi-cam pan/tilt setups that I created (I will dig out that old post soon), but it proved to be less effective than basic cinematography. I would not recommend mounting on your helmet, as the results are hard to achieve while flying safely (since you should be pivoting your head looking at what you are doing, instead of the subject). The best angles for mounting are on the wingtip (or washout tube), on the keel tube (or Stinger end), on the landing gear facing forward or aft with a snip of the fuselage in view for reference, on the top part of the downtube (control bar) looking at pilot and passenger. Have a look at my video "High Definition" for an example.

If you use the GoPro HD Hero, it already has an amazingly perfect 120 degree wide angle lense. It does not appear “fish eye” though it’s almost as wide as one… it has incredible resolution, and no controls to go wrong. Most all the pilots using this little box simply turn it on before takeoff, then turn it off when they land. It has a long battery and record life, so you can go hours without worry.

Check out a GoPro sample HERE:

Please let me know if you have any other questions? 

Howie Rayburn has written a comment on your wall.

Hey Spencer,
I am a professional photographer, however only part-time now. I recently purchased a trike, and own a VIO video camera.

I saw the camera on your wing, but only for a brief moment. Can you tell me what equipment you are using as I am interested in setting my trike up with various cameras as well.

I am very picky about my equipment and am just wanting to get some great trike coverage. 
Thanks for your assistance.
Howie Rayburn
Apr 5th

TPSocial hits 2000 active members!

By Spencer Forman
We've gone from 750 members to 2000 in the last year alone, with more than 125,000 page views a month. Thanks to everyone for helping to make TrikePilot a success! Cheers, Spence
Mar 31st

Updates from Spence regarding Trikepilot VIP

By Spencer Forman
We're excited to announce a long-awaited upgrade for "passionate" Trikepilot members.


It's called Trikepilot VIP and it will provide all those crazy-good features that you've been longing for since you first pulled-in the bar.
  1. Classifieds- Why should you have to schlepp over to Barnstormers to wade through a ton of aircraft and parts that have nothing to do with trikes? Get the attention of fellow trikers, or find what you need... right within the Trikepilot community.
  2. HD Premium Video Theater - Only the "best" videos, all in HD and shown in full width mode.
  3. HD Photo Gallery - No more "squinting" to see those small size images, the new gallery is full width and HD quality.
  4. Your OWN personal trikepilot site - Yes, it's true! Now you can branch out and launch your own personal flying site or trike business from right within the trikepilot family! Just a few clicks and you have a fully hosted, secure wordpress site with crazy cool features, to use as your own personal "corner of the web" or as a sales page for your business. No longer will you be limited to just your profile page, or a group you create... you've got it all baby... you've got it all!
  5. Exclusive offers and discounts - For some of the most sought-after products and services for trike flying, photography, or videography. The power of group-buying, curated for trikepilots.
  6. Promote your product or service - With over 125,000 pageviews a month from nearly 2000 active members, Trikepilot is the number one visited trike flying site on the Internet. Why not promote your product or service directly to other pilots? As a Trikepilot VIP member, you will be able to promote your brand or business directly to other members online and via our Trikepilot newsletter.
All of these features and more will be included as part of your Trikepilot VIP membership... just $19 bucks a month or $199 bucks a year. Never fear, all of the existing features will still be available for free... but when you are ready to step-up to the "big leagues", Trikepilot VIP is the place to be.
Dec 25th

Happy Holidays and Big Thanks to everyone at Trikepilot Social!

By Spencer Forman


Just wanted to take a break from my family day here to give a big "thanks" to all of our friends around the world who have made Trikepilot Social a big success in 2010.

We have a ton of great ideas for new features and ways to improve the site for 2011... and we will share these with you on December 31st.

Till then... have fun and fly safe!


p.s. - Thanks to my friend Steve G. who drives the Ferrari! (I wish I had both in the hangar....!!)