May 11th

How long does it take to solo? Two CFI options/opinions’. What do you think?

By Paul Hamilton

We want to get more pilots into the sport. A big question most potential pilots ask.


How long and how much will it take me to learn how to solo and second get my pilots license?


Two FAA certified Flight Instructors answered this solo question with two different answers.

CFI 1 ---- I can solo you in less than 5 hours.

CFI 2 ---- It usually takes 10 to 20 hours depending on how fast you learn.

Which CFI would you go to or recommend to a friend or family member?

May 11th

Helmets and Risk Management for trikes

By Paul Hamilton

From my  camera test around the pattern someone asked about flying without the helmet and here is my response:




Lets look at this from the 30,000 foot level....... Expand our viewpoint/horizons.........It is pretty funny that other pilots at the airport accuse me and all trike pilots "unsafe" for flying a trike or for that matter a light sport airplane. Others outside the airport gates accuse the all recreational pilots for being unsafe for flying in the first place. We have enough accidents at the airport that are big media events so I can understand the non pilots viewpoint. Why would people fly around when there are so many unnecessary accidents? Why - Passion for flying.............. Living life to the fullest.

This wearing a helmet is a good question/topic about life and flying in general, especially since many have learned to always wear one, that is great. I learned the same way..........

I teach risk management and hopefully as most of us are thought, "proactively identify safety related hazards and mitigate the associated risks". Want to minimize risks, - simply DO NOT FLY. Simple. You have determined the risk for your self and this may very well be your best decision. Similarly, if you are thinking about riding a motorcycle and want to minimize risk, DO NO GO RIDING, sell your motorcycle. I say this because within the last year I bought a motorcycle and LOVE to ride it. My wife Loretta LOVES to ride with me. We both accept the risk but we do it anyway. Yes we both wear fluorescent green helmets and have the full visibility helmets and jackets so we can be seen better. I feel motorcycle riding it is more risky than driving a car AND flying but I do it any way because I LOVE it.

LIFE IS A RISK, it is how you weight the risk verses the rewards. Almost no one wears a helmet in an airplane or a car. I wonder why that is? It would be much safer if we/they all did. Perhaps someday everyone will be wearing a helmet in a car and/or an airplane.........

Typically I wear a helmet flying a trike 95% of the time. The noise canceling of the headphones and the mike noise is better and overall less fatiguing in the open air......... I do not wear a helmet while flying the water trike. The water trike "people/CFI's" advise this. Hopefully everyone will exercise the wisdom to asses the risks in their life.

Big hint for all, DO NOT DO EVERYTHING OR BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET...Use common sense. Determine your own risk management......

So why did I not wear a helmet in this video, BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO. I wanted the feeling of the wind in my hair and I cherish that feeling/freedom.

Mar 16th

Should Trike wings have ratings just like PPG wings?

By Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,

While we discuss the reason behind John Farmer's accident. Tony brought up a point that I have also discussed in the past. And I would like to know your opinion on that.

As you all may know that Paragliding and Powered Paragliding wings have ratings. And despite the fact that as far FAA is concerned sports like Powered Paragliding are under FAR 103 rules, so their is no license required. 

However because the wings have ratings, it helps a new comer and even experienced pilot to make the wing purchase decision.

How do you as pilots feel about a wing rating system? 

Is it practical?

Do you think it will help Trike pilots?

What challenges do you see in implementing such a system?

Some while ago we had a blog discussing if Spiral recovery should be part of Practice Standard Maneuvers and with Trike pilots' input we were able to make Spiral Recovery a part of Practical Standard Maneuvers.

My hope with this blog is to see if we could reach a consensus on this topic. So we could do take a practical measure and hopefuly no more lives are lost.

















Mar 12th

John Farmer died in a Trike crash

By Rizwan Bukhari



EUSTIS – Authorities on Monday identified the pilot of an ultralight that crashed while approaching Eustis Airport Sunday morning.

According to a report released Monday, a witness said John Farmer of Orlando had been doing touch-and-go’s on the airport runway with his red and white Trike ultralight just after 8 a.m. Sunday and then flew south away from the air strip. The witness said Farmer made a final approach back to the airport but crashed beyond the tree line.

The witness, Russell Smith, rushed to the scene and found the plane overturned on top of Farmer. He and a worshiper from a nearby church lifted the plane off him.

Smith said he cut the pilot out of his harness and began doing CPR. A Lake County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene and said it was clear Farmer was dead. Farmer was 47.

“I’ve been through a few of these before,” Smith said. “I knew he was right but I’m trained to do CPR until paramedics get on the scene.”

The Federal Aviation Administration, which was called in to investigate, has identified the plane as a XT-912 Tundra Arrow Ultralight .


Smith said while he didn’t see the crash, he never heard the engine cut out. He speculated that the aircraft stalled, meaning that the fabric wings weren’t getting enough lift even if the engine was still running. That can happen with any aircraft, he said, but with an ultralight flying so low to the ground, there is little time to recover from a stall and the result can be fatal.

“If you don’t have lift and gravity is pulling you down, then you’re basically going 150 miles an hour into the ground,” he said.

Smith also said the drafts can be tricky around that airport, especially around the tree line.




Mar 6th

US Air Force Uses Trikes to represent Ultralights in Test Program

By Paul Hamilton

Flying trikes out of Mojave Air and Space airport for US Air Force out of Edwards Air Force Base Test Pilot School for the next week. We fly sorties with precision courses, altitudes and throttle settings. The USAF relates trikes as a typical Ultralight type aircraft. WE HAVE COME A LONG WAYS.

They are trying to track us so drones can detect our audio signature as well as all sorts of helicopters, jets, twins, and typical cessnas. Who knows what else they will be doing.

Flying in Edwards Air Force Base Restriced R-2515 . Very busy and no ATC air trafic seperation. They say we have our own space but I am seeing different aircraft with my ADS-B in but they disapear...... Hmmmmmm.

Day 1. Took Captain USAF Test Pilot School for 2 hour sortie this morning. She mentioned that it was nice to have an auto pilot in the trike - voice actuated, the trike went wherever she told it at a precise courses, turn points, throttle setting and altitude.I was the human auto pilot.



Mar 6th

Fuel Lines on a Rotax 503

By Garrett Porter

Yesterday I went out to my hangar after work, and during my preflight inspection, I found that my fuel line bypassing the bulb hand pump was completely broken in several spots and rock hard (this is the line between the fuel tank and the pulse driven fuel pump).  I am posting about it because it seems to have gone from functioning to obliterated in a very short time period.  I understand that fuel lines have a 5 year lifetime but I have also read folks recommending to change them every year, and even others saying that they go beyond 5 years before replacement.  I have already ordered a new hose to replace the failed one but I noticed that three options are out there.  Does anyone know of any reason to go with one over the other, other than price? Also, has anyone had an issues with their fuel lines or experienced anything similar? 


(This is the hose I originally bought and it is not actually fuel line)

CPS Hose


Bing Hose


Polyurethane Hose


Here are some photos of the broken line on the aircraft:



A little background: This aircraft is a Pegasus with a Rotax 503 so the line interacts with fuel (including alcohol), oil, and air.  I live in Truckee, CA at 6,000' elevation where the Winter days are around freezing temp and Summer days see large temperature fluctuations between daytime and nighttime. I fly about twice a week typically.  I do not know how long it has been since this line was installed.

Feb 26th

Updated Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook printed copy

By Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton/Adventure Productions just updated the FAA Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying handbook to include the Spiral Recovery maneuver


Feb 19th

Private Pilot License in Trike Flying

By Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,


I am curious about the benefits of doing a Private Pilot License for Weight Shift Control flying.

It seems, it gives you the priviledges of Private Pilot License, such as flying at night (with proper training and endorsements), flying above 10,000 feet, flying in Class B, flying out of the country etc.

I guess my question is this a goal worth pursuing? What if the purpose was to just increase your knowledge only? What are the pros and cons of PPL -WSC? How many of you have done your Private Pilot with weight shift control and would you recommend others to do that?


You could inbox me or email at





Jan 30th

The Revolt is Compelling

By Glade Montgomery

I was at a trade convention in St. Petersburg, Florida last week.  That city is, of course, not a long distance from Zephyrhills, home to Evolution.  Perhaps I should know better than to use my attendance at a nearby trade convention as excuse to go see Larry Mednick.  That's what happened to me, I believe, six years ago -- and, wouldn't you know it -- I thereafter became a very happy Revo owner. 

Anyhow, I was on this occasion interested in seeing the new Rev and new Revolt.  It was a little more than a one-hour drive from where I was attending to business duties, and Larry and his crew warmly welcomed me (I love those people). 

In regard to those new aircraft, WOW!

The Revolt in particular looks like a mega, super-off-road buggy, ready for any terrain you might wish to attack.  Yet, it flies!  Not only does it fly, it flys beautifully, and with a large envelope of speeds.  The feeling in either seat is like nothing else.   The passenger in back so elevated -- and with his/her own windshield -- it's crazy.  No more straining to look over or around the pilot's helmet (and, as pilot, no more sitting in your passenger's crotch). 

All the innovations Larry has built into this thing are astounding. 

I want one. 

No matter how much I love my Revo, I may make a switch.  I was thinking of getting a 3-axis plane, anyway, for when I want to go places, so having a slower trike will not be a problem.  In fact, it will be nicer to fly alongside my triker buddies, for with my Revo flying at its slowest I always have to do an occasional circle to get behind them again. 

If someone wants to buy my Revo at a price that lets me purchase a fully-loaded Revolt at equal price, I just may go for it. 

Dec 31st

Father Goose Bill Lishman passed away

By Rizwan Bukhari


Most of us have seen the movie "Fly Away Home". That movie is based on Bill Lishman and his revolutionary work with helping birds migrate using Ultralight airplanes.


Bill Lishman passed away Dec 30th, 2017. May he rest in peace.



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