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Australian Trike Pilots

Australian Trike Pilots

Aussie Trike Pilots
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Aussie trike pilots group, feel free to post pics / videos or notices regarding get togethers.

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  • Craig Dingwall
    by Craig Dingwall 2 years ago
    I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has purchased a trike interstate and flown it back, east to west or otherwise. In particular you're thoughts and experiences and looking back was it an adventure of a lifetime or did you look back and wonder if you had taken leave of your your senses :))

  • Craig Dingwall
    by Craig Dingwall 3 years ago
    So is anyone in the Perth area. I'm new to Microlighting and wouldn't mind getting together with someone for some social chat and info sharing on Microlighting

  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
    New Australian club, East Oz Microlight Club has been formed and in final stages of going to HGFA, to join please get onto Ray Sparkes he is a member on this site, he is the club president, all you Aussie microlighters new club come on and join in....
  • Mark Newell
    by Mark Newell 7 years ago
    Another video, "Scrap Yard Challenge" on ABC, in this episode they try making flying machines out of junk, a hangglider and a fixed wing glider then fly them....

  • Mark Newell
    by Mark Newell 7 years ago
    Here's a good documentary on flying car adventure, it's on the ABC website, but expires soon, so watch it if you get a chance :)


  • Anton van Wyk
    by Anton van Wyk 7 years ago
    Where in Australia do they do Microlight Pylon Racing? Are there any endurance races / Cross country racing?
  • Steve Bell
    by Steve Bell 7 years ago
    Hey, I want to take my trike to the Bendigo area for a couple days flying with my family up there, does anybody know of a quiet little strip up there that could accomodate this?
  • Steve Bell
    by Steve Bell 8 years ago
    Hi all, a new member for your group