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  • Marc Habermann
    by Marc Habermann 8 months ago
    Hi all,
    as the Profi TL seems like an "oldie but goldie" wing, I`m wondering why there is nearly no information availlable regarding the new StingRay...
    Even the manufacturer has only issued a hidden factsheet on their webpage.
    I think it will be hard to boost business...
    Or maybe Aeros just wanted to show what is possible today, but has no commercial interest to sell these kind of specialties (like the former Profi TL 11). Would be interested in any kind of information.
  • Kris Leszczynski
    by Kris Leszczynski 1 year ago
    I am aiming at ANT with Fox13 TL in December or perhaps in the winter time of 2017/2018. I am at 195 lbs, and thought that more power would help. I have found out that AEROS is testing a new engine with its ANT ( Corsair Black Bull ). Its a 35 HP power plant. Does anyone know anything about this unertaking by AEROS ??? I think i would preffer air cooled, than Polini the Thor 250. THNX
  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 1 year ago
    I just received a Trike maintenance manual from Aeros so if you have an Aeros trike, this applies to you. They asked that I pass this along to Areos Trike owners. In particular, pay attention to replacing engine mounting bolts and bushings every 300 hours. I can get them for you. Contact me off line..
  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 2 years ago
    Alexander Voronin, Maxim Drobyshev and Elena Ostakhova are planning to show the Aeros Nano Trike (ANT) in Oshkosh next week. You can see them and the ANT at the Aeros stand in the UL area. The ANT's with 36 hp Polini and 26 hp Corsair engines with Fox 13 TL, Combat T and Discus T wings will be displayed and flown. These are Nano Light Soaring trikes with folding landing gear. Everything breaks down into two bags that can be carried in a compact car. If you are going and you are interested in Nano's and soaring, you should check it out. I went to SNF and flew the ANT/Polini/Discus. It was a lot of fun.
  • Beto Di Benedetto
    by Beto Di Benedetto 2 years ago
    Larry, on this subject, I guess your development drifts main landing gear torque solve this issue.
    It is really very good idea to fight this movement from these ends, the lever moment is very good .
  • Werner Dittrich
    by Werner Dittrich 2 years ago
    Náš klub kde létám
  • Werner Dittrich
    by Werner Dittrich 2 years ago
  • Mikael Markow
    by Mikael Markow 2 years ago
    Anyone that know about the velcro connecting the upper
    and lower surfaces in Profi TL?

    How critical are they, how much does a misalignment affect the flying properties of the wing?
  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 2 years ago
    Scott...What is a "Big air Pop-up"? Sounds scary...
  • Scott Williams
    by Scott Williams 2 years ago
    I'm a new TL owner as well and can back Frank up on all his comments. I came from an older NW MPulse1 19M and it was a huge jump in performance. I took a risk and purchased my TL without the wing tips based on a friends recommendations. I fly a stick trike AC GTE with 582 so it really wasn't needed anyway. For me that really has made roll force quite nice; no issues at all. I have to say the handling is really impressive. The VERY light pitch is the most tricky part for me to get use to. I was all initially over handling the heck out of it but I've adjusted now and it's very nice. The biggest thing I have benefitted from in my flying style is using the large energy retention to do big air pop ups after running up the airspeed down low. My daughter loves it! Zooms up like a rocket ship. Great wing and built very well. This weekend I'm transferring the TL to my Tanarg with a 912 80hp and I'll be posting a review of the handling differences I observe. So far the fit test to the Tanarg went very well.