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  • Beto Di Benedetto
    by Beto Di Benedetto 2 years ago
    Hi ! Can you let me know the difference betwen the other aeros TL without "barred windows"? I will recive a new one but donĀ“t know the difference.
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 2 years ago
    Beto, I think you are asking about the Speed Valves. They were invented by Bautek in Germany found on the Pico S then later adopted by most other brands building high speed wings.

    These valve are located in a low pressure system during flight and vacuum the inside of the wing out stopping the wing from momentarily deforming.

    I learned just yesterday that P&M is no longer using winglets on any of their wings including the GT450 and QuikR due to the use of these speed valves. As it turns out they were the correct fix for the yaw instability created at very high speeds.
  • Scott Williams
    by Scott Williams 2 years ago
    Beto, Larry, I am one of those who purchased a new style Aeros Profi TL and did not purchase the winglets. I started my phase 1 flight program on a GTE with a 582 and it went really well. Upgraded to a Tanarg with a 912 and swapped the wing over. I have to agree with the others findings; I am stretching the 912 and Tanarg out to the edges of the envelope and I don't see any need for the winglets. Roll is stiff-ish without them at MGTOW and higher speeds even without them but there is not wingtip walking or other bad behavior I have encountered. Pitch is VERY light and took me some time to get use to. Even though roll is a bit stiff, I prefer it that way. Very good to hear others agree that the winglets are not necessary with the pressure vents.
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 2 years ago
    Yeah....but the cool factor man.....the cool factor! Look at them! They're sexy! :D
  • Beto Di Benedetto
    by Beto Di Benedetto 2 years ago
    Perfect !!! Now I have three pairs of new winglets for sale ... lol
    now out a joke, I've flown TL since 2005, 10 years and really when you pulled out the winglets the wing became more fun to play with turns, beyond which suggests the factory for best performance by breaking the tip vortices wing . Really long range straight flight I have not noticed differences in lesser need much RPM applied ...
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