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North Carolina Sport Pilots

North Carolina Sport Pilots

for those desiring to break ground and fly into the wind--not the other way around....
Owner: Doug Boyle
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For those down wishing to be UP, rather than up wishing you were DOWN!

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  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 1 year ago
    For those aviation enthusiasts in the central part of NC, Jackye Reynolds has a workshop/hanger at Hartnett County airport in the Dunn, NC area. Formerly a competition HG pilot, she presently flies/maintains/ and sells used Trikes and Weedhoppers, and will begin offering Part 103 legal Trikes by Spring 2017.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 2 years ago
    Welcome Danny, what part of NC are you from? I'm up here in Winston-Salem. We have five active Trike pilots in our area and two Instructors. My number is (336) 414-2522 if you'd like to talk. Doug Boyle
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 7 years ago
    Todd Halver and I recently received our CFI's in WSC and would be happy to help you get any further endorsements or ratings needed in the Sport Pilot category. In addition, I'm rated in WSCS and can get you going in float flying, if desired. Piedmont Aerosports is the name of our company and we operate out of Shiloh airport (KSIF) just North of Greensboro, NC. We are dealers for the excitingly new, American-made REVO by Evolution Trikes. For training we use the Sport wing (12.5m) on the 100hp Platinum Graphite REVO and the iXess 15m wing on the 80hp Tanarg--both models being S-LSA. In addition, the S-LSA Airbourne XT w/ Streak III wing is available for training, if you desire specific experience.
  • Mind Rehab
    by Mind Rehab 7 years ago
    Thanks for the names! I looking for a 912.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 7 years ago
    Greg Collins at Blue Ridge Aviation in Hendersonville, NC is a great A&P and has a variety of Light Sport aircraft exposure/experience. Dwight Edmonton in Goldsboro, NC with D&F Aviaition is another. What kind of trike are you looking at?
  • Harrison Shull
    by Harrison Shull 7 years ago
    Just a quick update... I just bumped an update at the marketplace section here about my trike kit for sale.

    This complete trike package now has 530+ hours on the base and Wizard2. I am moving back temporarily to Asheville, NC by Jan 1 and will have it there with me thru 2011 if anybody wants to take a look at it in person. I do not log on here at this site very often so it is best to email me directly as per the first post in this thread.

    I am not sure I will have much time to fly while in Asheville but if so, will be doing the circuit down into SC to hit up allthe airfields I used to visit regularly around GSP. Lemme know if there are any folks interested in the tour.
  • Mind Rehab
    by Mind Rehab 7 years ago
    I'm exploring the possibility of purchasing a used trike in the Charlotte area (N-numbered). I may want an additional set of eyes on the trike before I buy it, so I figure that if an A&P, or someone with a Light Sport Repairman - Maintenance rating looks at it too, I can get the annual done on it at the same time. Does anyone know an A&P or an LSRM who knows trikes in NC or SC (maybe even VA)?
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 7 years ago
    Hi Chris, That's quite an endeavor! Best of luck.
  • Chris Bonnerup
    by Chris Bonnerup 7 years ago
    Hi Doug,
    Building a trike from scratch. Frame will be based loosely upon the split-mast Northwing design; engine is a BMW K75 - a bit heavy but bulletproof. Looking to fly with all the members of the group, including Lee Schmitt's well-muscled A & P!!

    Am soliciting donations from all on Trike Social - holding my breath now. Look forward to the future when i can meet all you ladies and gentlemen.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 7 years ago
    Hi Chris, Would be happy to fly with you! Whatcha building?