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Group for all Northwing trike and wing users
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The group can encompass single seat- 2 seat models and also wings, old and new. Share the info and be a safer pilot.

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  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 7 months ago
    Doug, try watching to see if the keel wobbles inside the keel pocket where the tensioner hooks in to the keel, particularly if it has the balloon tires. The wing will start oscillating and feed into the trike causing an extreme side to side vibration that will eventually eat the steering bearings. Check the steering bearings. Good luck.
  • Teddy Bear
    by Teddy Bear 1 year ago
    Should have looked more closely around the site as I did not know there was a Northwing group. I have been flying now for 7 years with my Apache Sport with Mustang II 15m wing. Love it! Just needs to warm up.....
  • Dave Palmer
    by Dave Palmer 1 year ago
    I have an "EL Gearbox Generator". It's a ROTAX 582 accessory with a 230 watt ac electric output that inserts between PTO end and gearbox. I'd like to wire it but wonder if it's ac output can be hard wired to existing Key West regulator with the 170 watt ac output of the lighting coil output (2 yellow/black wires)?

    I worry that connecting to same Key West regulator terminals as lighting output leads will damage either lighting or generator circuits?

    Of course I can simply add a second Key West regulator and have two 12 volt electric output sources.

    Anyone else out in trike world have this setup? How did you wire?


  • Matt Barr
    by Matt Barr 5 years ago
    Also adding a video of how to set up a wing and install it on your trike. It's an AIRBORNE trike not a Northwing but I likethe video and found it very useful as a resource for my Northwing wing. The setup is not exactly the same but very similar. Hope you agree and that it's helpful!
  • Matt Barr
    by Matt Barr 5 years ago
    I've been meaning to upload these photos for months and finally got around to it tonight. My Northwing Maverick 2 Legend arrived in Ottawa, ON, CANADA on Sept. 29, 2012. I've included photos here of how it arrived in a crate and at various stages of unpacking. I'll soon add more photos of my trike assembled. Stay tuned.
    by DEAN COLEMAN 5 years ago
    Hi everybody am new to trikes from general aviation.Own an new maverick 2rt with maverick 3 wing.AT 16HR dual on navajo and m pulse wing.My instructor has test flow trike he only weighs 165lbs an says it flys hands off . I am at 220 lbs just wondering what to expect on solo with a 447 me and full tank. Any advice from anyone who has flown at max gross would be helpfull thanks
  • Brad Courson
    by Brad Courson 5 years ago
    Has anybody mated the older Pacer wing to the newer Maverick trike? I have both trikes both older and newer as well as older original Maverick 15 and Pacer wing as well as the newer Maverick 15 wing. Planning on rebuilding original trike so it will be out of commision and really like the Pacer wing and would like to know if it could be used on the newer trike. I fly every permitting.
  • Ted  Bailey
    by Ted Bailey 6 years ago
    Anyone try one of the tall windshields on a Pacer/Maverick?
    Also looking for a different fuel tank for the Maverick trike.
  • reb wallace
    by reb wallace 6 years ago
    don't pull the bar back until below 30 mph pulling back above 30 cause a wobble because of down pressure from pulling back puts all the weight on ft wheel. like any tricycle gear you need to keep weight off at high speeds.
  • Ken Nussear
    by Ken Nussear 6 years ago
    Doug, do you have the NW steering dampener? Maybe that would help.