Trike Pilot Training - Ultralight, Sport and Private

Trike Pilot Training - Ultralight, Sport and Private

Sharing and gathering information to train initial pilots and pilots who want to learn more
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With training being a very important subject for our safety and growth, this group can provide help, guidence for students, pilots and instructors.

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  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 2 years ago
    You are the lucky 200th member of the most popular group on trike pilot. Would like to award you a prize. What ever DVD you want from I will send you.

    Paul Hamilton
    by JULIO DORANTES 2 years ago
    Hello everyone.
    Thanks to the manager for having me.
    I live in Bellevue Wa., And I'm looking for a school or instructor trike or type Rans s12 close to my area. any help thank them very much.
    They can send tex (206) 730 6398 I await your prompt response.
    Happy flying.
  • Alan Capoldo
    by Alan Capoldo 4 years ago
    I am a private pilot fixed wing with 125 hours but haven't flown since 1985. I'm new to trike flying (don't have one yet) but want to get approximate cost to get S.P. add on for trikes, either slsa or esla Also, does anyone know of any trike instructors in Wisconsin? Any trikers around here?
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 4 years ago
    Piedmont Aerosports LLC will be conducting WSCL and WSCS training in Central Florida for the months of March and April of this year. Come fly the Tanarg 912 with the Bionix 15m wing at Mid-Florida airport in Eustis, Florida. Contact Doug Boyle at (336) 414-2522 for information/scheduling. We'll be at the Sun n Fun Airshow April 1st - 6th, as well.
  • Ron Robison
    by Ron Robison 5 years ago
    I am currently trying to figure out a plan to complete my training. I was training with Rob Lyons and was scheduled to fly for four days the weekend of the accident. We were also going to work on setting up the wing on the trike I just bought and Rob was going to test fly it. I am currently working with the trike manufacturer to get the wing set up and tested so I can take delivery of my trike. I have only about 6 hours flying but I was picking it up pretty quick. I talked with Clyde P. and with his current student he didn't know if he could take on another student. I am looking for advice from the group. I don't want to seem insensitive, but I am very anxious to continue my training and get signed off so I can participate in this great sport.
  • George B
    by George B 6 years ago
    Joe, Jose... Thanks for the comments. I have also found that running with HD selected will make the video run choppy unless your Internet is very fast. With HD deselecting it runs smoothly for my Internet connection.
  • Imran Baig
    by Imran Baig 7 years ago
    I am new trike enthusiast. I just joined this group to get guidance from all the experts. I need to get trained to fly a trike. What are your recommendations where should I start
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 7 years ago
    I understand. Much thanks!
  • Gregg Ludwig
    by Gregg Ludwig 7 years ago
    Doug- The exemption was extended until January 2013 but ONLY applies to WSC and PPC.

    You will need to take a "regular" "section H CFI full practical exam to be able to instruct in airplanes at the Private Pilot level.

  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 7 years ago
    The EAA exemption ended january 31. Give me a call please at 775 772 8232 to get this all fixed. This forum is not working.