Soaring trikes

Soaring trikes

For pilots and enthusiasts of trikes that fly with or without the motor running...
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This is a group for people who love to soar, whether you're doing it now or looking forward to doing it in the future. Share tips, techniques, concerns, problems and personal achievements.

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  • Andy Lister
    by Andy Lister 5 years ago
    Hello there

    Having come to microlighting from paragliding, I too like the idea of a soaring trike and, in particular, the Dragonfly.

    There is a chap here in the UK who owned one for a while but ultimately sold it. The following is a link to his blog (starting from the point in time he bought one). His experiences make an interesting read ...

    Things have moved on since then as the Dragonfly now comes with the Bailey V5 engine as well as the option of a Combat wing.
  • david coy
    by david coy 5 years ago
    what would any of you flying soaring trikes that thermaled hang glideers recomend as the best close to hang gliding performing eng / off soaring trike and wing combination
  • Dave Kellar
    by Dave Kellar 6 years ago
    Anyone have advise on how I can aquire a Drangonfly in Ontario Canada? I'm anxious to get into trike soaring and although North Wing's new offering looks appealing, I tend to stay away from first offerings. The ATF is on my short list as well, but does anyone have any advise on which engine is best?
  • Wayne Bezner Kerr
    by Wayne Bezner Kerr 7 years ago
    Does anybody know Steve "Revo" Revolinski? He had a beautiful little scratch-built soaring trike at Oshkosh a few years ago. I'd love to get some detail photos of it, if anybody knows anything about it?
  • Wayne Bezner Kerr
    by Wayne Bezner Kerr 7 years ago
    Hey Joe,

    Nice photo (your new profile). Did you buy your whole rig new? What did you do for conversion training between HG and the ATF?
  • Wayne Bezner Kerr
    by Wayne Bezner Kerr 7 years ago
    Hi Everyone,

    It seems like there is a fair bit of interest in little trikes here. That's great! I like the big ones too, I just like the little ones better...
  • Wayne Bezner Kerr
    by Wayne Bezner Kerr 7 years ago
    Flying is much more fun than grumbling! I'm at home with a sick little girl today. Since I left work the sky has shifted from leaden grey to blue with high cirrus. The season is getting closer!
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 7 years ago
    Ahhh... more flying, more soaring ... that's what I think we are all looking for.. less fighting, less advertising.
    Thank you Wayne!