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Homemade Trikes

Homemade Trikes

Home as a trike factory
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This group is for all who are building home-made self-planned trike.

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  • white eagle
    by white eagle 2 years ago
    Hey dennis good to see you on. I too am interested in finding alternative 4 stroke engines for my soaring trike! Seems theres more choices out there?
  • Dennis McLain
    by Dennis McLain 2 years ago
    Currently flying with a 17.5 Stratus wing and a 340 Kawasaki. I really want to have a four stroke. Has anyone tested of the shelf 4-strokes from Honda, or others?
  • Toni  Makela
    by Toni Makela 6 years ago
    The "factory" has been completed, and all the machining equipment are working. Now I just wait landing gears diagonal strut rod ends to arrive, so I can finish main landing gears. Next thing is front landing gear welds throttle pedal and final assembly. I think that ill put trike together and fly it first and paint it afterwards : )
  • Toni  Makela
    by Toni Makela 6 years ago
    Here has been lovely summer, but very busy. Trike has remained at the same stage, but now I have almost ready workshop just a little paint job and heating system and it is ready.
    The work itself was not really the easiest, first I dismantle the ceiling from the barn cause it was too low to and build a new, and high enough. and Now, within a height of almost three meters. Next time more pictures from trike project.
  • Toni  Makela
    by Toni Makela 7 years ago
    Fuel tank is almost in its own place, little problems has developed due to fuelpump.
    The fuel filter have to handle 3bar pressure all the time and if the hose somehow clogged the pressure is about 10bar (140psi) fuelfilter have to handle it.
    I also made some stupid choice with fuel tank cause i made the mold my self i have no good place to install the fuel filter, i have made secondary support from honeycomb but the tank is quite slippery and they move separately i must put hose fittings between them, i have AN fittings for this place but i afraid tank rupture, more pics coming in few days
  • Toni  Makela
    by Toni Makela 7 years ago
    Happy new year everyone !

    I added few more pics. next thing to do is fuel lines, fuel pump, and front fork.
  • Toni  Makela
    by Toni Makela 7 years ago
    Temperature of -29 degrees Celsius in the morning. approximately 25 cm of snow in the yard. garage otherwise the same situation, but inside there is no snow:)

    I've done a bit of the battery mounting and securing of the tank has shifted due to the battery attachment

    pictures coming when the battery is attached

    Nice Christmas to all of you
    -Toni Mäkelä
  • Chris Bonnerup
    by Chris Bonnerup 7 years ago
    Hi Toni,

    Yes, I can believe for certain that winter is coming in Finland. Bundle up!
  • Toni  Makela
    by Toni Makela 7 years ago
    I do a new floor to my trikefactory, all trike parts are ready to install... BUT. Winter is just coming up and are forced to complete the floor first.
  • Toni  Makela
    by Toni Makela 7 years ago
    exhaust pipe is coming soon . supertrap silencer came month a go

    front and rear shockabsorbers need to be installed with new brakets, last ones were made so that shock absorbers hit the attacment bolts.

    Fueltank is ready it is 35 litres of capacity weights 3 kg

    next thing to do is install frame in its own place, i dont know should my elbows fit inside or outside of plane? or shod i made narrow or widebodey plane : )