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I wanted to start a group of dedicated Airborne owners to share experiences of one of the best made Trikes on the market. I am on my 4th Airborne and thought we should have a club page!

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  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 1 year ago
    Looking for XT parts for a rebuild: mast, nose gear, keel for the chariot. and pod.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 3 years ago
    Anyone know offhand what the specs on the heartbolt for an XT is? Is it AN6 or the metric equivalent?
  • Karl Evans
    by Karl Evans 3 years ago
    Does anyone know how to separate the carby heaters from the carbs on the Rotax 912 on an Airborne? these heaters are specific to the Airborne/Rotax and not found on other engines. I need to know how they seal off against the carb spigot? Thanks.Karl
  • Ryan  McAnarney
    by Ryan McAnarney 5 years ago
    Anyone here ever have a choke or magneto engaged inadvertently due to the positioning of both of their locations on your aircrafts which is right beside the passenger? If you haven't be aware of that possible scenario.
  • Chris Steller
    by Chris Steller 5 years ago
    Regarding the Extended Windshield - with / XT Tour 912 Streak III - Would you please share your experiences and pros/cons? Thank you.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Does anyone own a T-Lite yet?
  • Michael Brandt
    by Michael Brandt 7 years ago
    Trying to figure out what GL.R.OVR right below the air temp. box on my GX2 means. Couldn't find anything online or in the manual. It's set up for 582 engine. Thanks.
  • John Heckendorf
    by John Heckendorf 7 years ago
    Hey Guys:

    Will a Northwing wing fit on an Airborne XT 912 without modifications? I am hoping someone has experience with this issue. Northwing told me it will. But, I'd like to check with you experts first.
    I'd like go have wing that easily folds for for transport. I'm looking at the strutted single service 17mm Northwing. I'm going to keep my Streak III for cross country flying.


    John Heckendorf
  • Mike Nixon
    by Mike Nixon 7 years ago
    I accidentally put a photo of my horse, so how do i delect the picture ?
  • Alf  Jessup
    by Alf Jessup 7 years ago

    Lucian has hit the nail on the head.
    There is nothing that is going to bite you hands off in trim, 100 rpm either side of trim rpm will make you either start a slow climb or a slow decent.
    I fly 50% of my time hands off as long as the weather is not thermally or rough.
    I have flown 100 miles without touching the bar at all after i have attained my cruise altitude, I often steer just with my weight moving to the side of the pod of using the steering to gcreate adverse yaw, push the wheel to the right if you want to go left and visa versa.
    I find it quite reassuring to fly hands off as it gives me greater assurance of the stability of the trike even with a few bumps thrown in.
    I have a friend who will never take his hands off the bar and has a death grip on it, needless to say he has had his trike from brand new 4 years ago to only have 49 hrs on it while i have done 500 odd in the same time
    I t will help you to relax in the right conditions and give you greater confidence in your machine.