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  • Thierry PRADINES
    by Thierry PRADINES 7 months ago
    New member on this community, for 2 weeks only, I was very excited to find a group of "float pilots" somewhere on the web. Unfortunately I realise now that this group may have been activ a few years ago, but seems now to be very quiet, if not dead ......
  • Paul Andre
    by Paul Andre 1 year ago
    I have to buy new or used wing for a FIB Polaris. Someone has any coment on the Mustang 3 K20X by north wing ?, I really want to let the wing on the FIB and transport it there. I would fly much more if the wing set up would be esear.
    Any Mustang 3 for sale ? or Ares polaris 19,6 or 18,4 wing for sale ?

    Would like also ideas on wing support for transport.
  • bob simatos
    by bob simatos 4 years ago
    hello from the great white north...I have a seawing anphib....I am new to flying and to this machine......does anyone know of anybody flying such a machine in winter.....I heard of a guy in maine.....I would sure like to talking to someone bout landing
  • Rich Arnold
    by Rich Arnold 5 years ago
    I just had to correct a design flaw on my Sea Wing that is likely inherent on all Sea wings. The main gear retaining cable catches on the air valve on the outside float. After numerous times catching, the cable actually tore the fabric of the Lotus float from around the air valve. This condition has bothered me since I acquired the bird, but when it did damage, I felt the worst was yet to come, so I took corrective action. Other owners may have already done what I did, but in case someone else has observed the cable hung on the air valve, here is what I did.

    I used a longer bolt where the cable attaches to the tubing in the top of the float. I added a stainless steel spacer tube one inch long and a supporting bar about five inches long to keep the longer bolt from bending. Works great and spaces the cable just far enough to miss the air valve. I will gladly send/or post pictures if anyone is interested.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 5 years ago
    Selling an 8-year old 582 Seawing featured in pictures above (270 hours). NW strutted 19m wing has 70 hours and powder-coating on trike has been refreshed. Been flying it in Florida and it's ready for a new owner. ICOM radio/headset included. Call Doug Boyle (336) 414-2522 if interested. Can also provide training for rating.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 5 years ago
    It's a rainy few days in Florida, so I'm going to head to Savannah to pick up a 912 Krucker that belongs to Dave Myers and bring it back to Eustis for SLSA training. CFI Dave Myers will be coming down on the weekends to help out. Come get your training this winter in Eustis, Fl. Buddy Babcock, my host, has several styles of floats for trikes if you've been thinking about getting a set for your trike.

    There are also Searays, Buc 2's, and Aventuras here for flight training too. There is a 3200' grass runway with hangers right across the street. Come fly the sunshine state!
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 5 years ago
    I fly a 582 on my 2-seater with 450# onboard. Number of blades is related to gear ratio, thrust required, and horsepower.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 5 years ago
    Doing float training on Lake Joanna in Eustis, FL, right next door to X55 airport--30 minutes North of Orlando. Accommodations and hangers available. Floatfest planned for third weekend in February 2013.
  • Joe McDill
    by Joe McDill 6 years ago
    Hi all,new to the group and want to learn to fly amphibious trike,can anyone tell me where I can get training near waterloo,al?Thanks,joe
  • Dean Miller
    by Dean Miller 6 years ago
    I was wondering if 582 Rotax engine is a strong enough for floats on a two seater trike? And what is the difference with the amount of blades on a prop? Thanks for any help