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Welcome to the open forum for questions and general comments regarding P&M Aviation line of aircraft trikes/microlights. P&M QUIK, QUIK GT450 & QUIK-R, Mainair and Pegasus.

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  • Trevor  Sayer
    by Trevor Sayer 1 year ago
    I've been flying Mainair and Pegasus trikes since 1987 presently have a Quik GTR and fly out of Jackson County Airport KJCA NE of Atlanta - if anyone has any questions on P&M trikes or would like a demo flight please let me know
  • Tony  Castillo
    by Tony Castillo 2 years ago
    P&M, Pegasus and Mainair Owners:


    There are NEW Service Bulletins posted in the Downloads section of the P&M manufacturer web page. These are dates in June 29, 2016. Specifically SB 135 to 139.

    Please make sure to check the Download section often, and to comply with all issued airworthiness and safety directives and bulletins that apply to your particular aircraft, model, and keep records of compliance in your a/c maintenance manual.

    The direct link:

    You can also get to that same section from my webpage:

    Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

    Tony Castillo
    P&M USA
  • Tony  Castillo
    by Tony Castillo 2 years ago
    P&M AVIATION Winter 2015 Newsletter:
  • Chris Wills
    by Chris Wills 3 years ago
    First flight on my Quik GTR was April 3rd...just completed my 100 hour service. Man I love my Quik!!!
  • Paul Bailey
    by Paul Bailey 4 years ago
    Going on a vacation and will be going near the P&M Headquarters in Cumming, GA. Need to call Tony and see if I can drop by for a little trike orientation "Quik" style.

  • Hudon Richard
    by Hudon Richard 4 years ago
    I am excited
    I order a PulsR for Canada
    I wish you more for you
    the best PulsR
  • Steve Pattinson
    by Steve Pattinson 5 years ago
    Maiden flight for the GTR this last Sunday. Hopefully better weather this weekend as was difficult to fully assess wing with the wind and turbulence. Preferred to fly without trim and very comfortable at 85mph.
  • Hudon Richard
    by Hudon Richard 5 years ago
    The GTR is very stable you can expect fast 85 in cruise easy to flight, 20:00 from for the sail up. Sory my english hi bad.
    by ABDULRAHMAN AL-DARWISH 6 years ago
    Information about how to adjust the GTR wing trim !

    The trimmer is controlled by the small switch next to the hand throttle, for take off set the trimmer such that the indicator light is on the take off position on the indicator on the dash. Note that this will result in the bar pulling forwards prior to starting your take off, so set the trimmer when lined up for take off. Once in flight simply set the aircraft up at the speed you want then move the switch so that the loads on the bar have gone. For landing push the bar out for a speed of approx 60-65mph and then adjust the trimmer to suit. Once you have tried it out it will be obvious how it works and what settings to use. When the aircraft is on the ground it is easier to move if the trimmer is set in the fully fast position as that way there is no loads on the system and the wing is easier to control. Hope this helps
  • Ronny larsson
    by Ronny larsson 6 years ago
    can't wait to see the new P&M PulsR. I would love to be at the Flying Show, Birmingham November 26th-27 2011.