looking for used trike

Sun, Jan 20 2013 10:45am CST 1
steve saccoccia
steve saccoccia
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Greetings all
Haaven't been here in a while as I sold my wing a few years ago. Looking another one now. Had a skyycycle. Want a single seater. Price range up to $6,500. Anything out there?
Mon, Jan 21 2013 03:03pm CST 2
Joe Hockman
Joe Hockman
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Hi Steve, Don't know if you have any interest in a North Wing ATF, but if so I do have one for sale. It has the Simonini Mini 2 plus engine (26hp) and Stratus wing. Excellent shape. I have made many upgrades that make it safer and more reliable. Have almost new BRS-600 softpack installed. Trike has 100hrs. If interested, let me know and I can send you more information, pictures by private email. I live in Delaware which is a bit of a haul from N Georgia but it still may be doable. Joe

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