Aviation Kneeboard

Mon, Dec 10 2012 10:21pm CST 1
Uwe Goehl
Uwe Goehl
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I am in the market for an open-cockpit kneeboard for trike and gyro flying- ideally something that is versatile enough to carry either paper charts and/or an iPad.

Any input on models out there and vendors?
Wed, Dec 12 2012 06:02am CST 2
Joe Swift
Joe Swift
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I like the kneeboard that Areos makes. It has a large clear chart pocket and can be rotated 360 degrees when it is strapped to your knee. It's the best knee board that I have ever used for trike flying. Abid can help you with it. Here is the link for you: https://store.silverlightaviation.com/Map-Knee-Board-Swiveling-for-open-cockpit-aircra-p/map-knee-board-%28swiveling%29.htm
Wed, Nov 30 2016 11:53am CST 3
Jeff Gilbert
Jeff Gilbert
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Looking for an open-cockpit kneeboard. What's your favorite?
(the link above is nolonger valid)
Fri, Dec 2 2016 07:06pm CST 4
Todd Halver
Todd Halver
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I have the mapboard pictured in the middle.

Tue, Dec 6 2016 04:54pm CST 5
Trevor  Sayer
Trevor Sayer
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I use a map board I got from the uk years ago - holds an ipad which works though the clear , also holds a sectional and any airport notes etc. It velcros under your legs - I've used it in open cockpit trikes and it does not blow away. knee board.jpg

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