Help! Need magneto and stator for 582 bluehead.

Mon, Jul 18 2011 08:55pm CDT 1
Peter Shetler
Peter Shetler
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Friends: something came apart on the stator coils of my 582 bluehead and resulting pieces flying about in there messed up not only the coils but the magneto (flywheel) also. Anyone know of some used-but-OK parts for sale? The ordinary sort will do -- I assume the new ones from Rotax are made of solid gold.

For anyone interested, the engine has about 400 hours on it (Antares Trike). It ran great with no unusual sounds or loss of power. First indication that there was a problem was a hot electrical smell detectable in the air (!) and I noticed the engine wasn't charging (voltmeter was at battery voltage). Still no loss of engine power although I must not have been too far away from an engine out as it would have chewed through the charging coils (that provide spark) soon. On the ground, could smell the burning from the magneto housing and could hear the grinding when turning the prop by hand. Also little bits of chared somethings under hole at the bottom of the housing. Took a few days to get the proper puller for the flywheel (almost $200 - Yikes!!) so I could pull it off and see the extent of the damage. Sheesh. I will post pics sometime.

My working hypothesis is that one or more of the lighting coils developed a short to ground, which caused overheating which let to the disintegration of some part of the coil. Once there were bits loose, the rest was a done deal. Anyone else experience anything like this?

Again, I would love to get flying again without a second mortgage so would appreciate a note if there are any used parts laying about in someones shop that they would be willing to sell.


Thu, Jul 21 2011 02:09pm CDT 2
Dave Hasbrouck
Dave Hasbrouck
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Peter, contact Mark Smith at He might be able to help.

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