Fri, Apr 13 2018 08:23am CDT 1
Damien Minnock
Damien Minnock
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Hello all,

Not sure if any of you are aware, but just in case I will post the details.

Michael Stalker from Strathaven Airfield in Scotland is embarking on a Coast to Coast flight across America in his Quantum 912 G-BZIM

You can follow him at : https://c2c2c2018.com/

You can also track Michael's progress on his tracker at http://tinyurl.com/ulac-gbzim

What a great adventure.


Sat, Apr 21 2018 08:28am CDT 2
Douglas  Lee
Douglas Lee
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I did some skydiving at Strathallan Airfied in Scotland years ago. Never been to Strathhaven though. I had a D license and BPA insurance but still had to go through some red tape to fly my rig. Back then they were still jumping with round chutes and military harnesses and I had a square Strato Cloud and Wonderhog 3 ring circus single point release harness and they looked at me like I was an alien from Mars or something. Still, very nice people trying to jump legally while complying with the the huge amount of red tape compared to practically none at all in the U.S. at that time anyway.
Mon, Apr 30 2018 06:45pm CDT 3
Paul Hamilton
Paul Hamilton
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Michael made his goal to Elko Nevada today from Carson City/Lake Tahoe

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