Tue, Dec 19 2017 09:14am CST 1
Vijay Jadhav
Vijay Jadhav
3 Posts
At the very outset congratulation to all members for taking to the skies . I am new to this forum and also to flying . I am from India and have been highly fascinated with flying as most of us here on this forum. I am in the process of starting to build my own WEIGHT SHIFT TRIKE . I have shortlisted Suzuki G13BB / K14 engine for the purpose. I need your help in the process. By the way , How is the performance of your trikes ?? How much is the fuel burn per hour ?? Kindly advice me regarding the propellers and wings for my trike. It will be really great if we can chat on Skype/ Whatsapp in real time to collaborate better. Your contribution and help will be highly appreciated.I will be looking forward to learn from you all . In the meantine god speed and safe and happy landings.
Wed, Dec 20 2017 04:16pm CST 2
Abid Farooqui
Abid Farooqui
354 Posts
My sincere advise to you would be to contact Javad Hassan of Albatross Flying Systems in Banglore, India and get a trike he builds. Its not the best thing to not have flown nor have done smething befre and start out by not only designing but also building your aircraft. May be the second one. Here is his e-mail
Sun, Dec 24 2017 07:52pm CST 3
Vijay Jadhav
Vijay Jadhav
3 Posts
I am already aware of Mr Javad Hassan and his company . I have however heard negative views about his pricing and quality of trikes.
Fri, Dec 29 2017 10:35am CST 4
Mark Kandutsch
Mark Kandutsch
1 Posts
I built a trike (first flights this past summer), using the G13 BB engine. I think these are excellent engines for trikes: low cost, reliable, and easy to work on. Many components for conversion as well as a huge source of technical advice are available at , by Vassili Tarakanov. I used his design for the trike itself as well. This trike will cruise at level flight at about 3200 RPM which makes it relatively quiet and seems easy on the engine. You can see the video of the first test flight on this website. I am happy to provide other information on this as well, and good luck!

Mon, Jan 1 2018 05:45am CST 5
Vijay Jadhav
Vijay Jadhav
3 Posts
Hi Mark,

1. Wish you a happy new year 2018. I received your response on the forum . It was nice to hear from you .
I am from India and there are very few facilities/institutions/ industries to promote the aerosports .

2. It is against this backdrop that I have decided to build my own Trike based on G13BB engine .I seek your help and guidance and would like to gain from your experience of building a weightshift trike. It will be helpful to me if we can communicate in real time . I will therefore request you to share with me your WhatsApp/Skype enabled cellphone number wherein I can seek advice from you in real time at the time which is CONVENIENT for you.

3. My cellphone number for the purpose is +917020208968. India follows GMT +05:30 as its country time.

4. It is with your assistance that , I would be looking forward to fulfilling my dream of flying in my own built airplane . Eagerly awaiting to hear from you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
Fri, Jan 12 2018 07:10pm CST 6
Jonathan Ratner
Jonathan Ratner
43 Posts
I have gotten Ace Aviation trikes from John Penry Evans in Ooty. His site is

I have found his quality excellent and prices can not be beat.

By the way I live in India about 3.5 months a year. Just got back to US a few days ago. I am mostly either Himalayas or Nilgiris. Closest to you would be on my way back north through Nagpur-Jabalpur area.

I research DGCA regulations about 6-7 years ago for a planned circumnavigation of all India by trike. At least at that time the difficulty was too much so I gave up the idea. Unless DGCA has adopted something similar to Part 103 you will have a lot of suffering before you fly.

I assume you have done training there?
Tue, Jan 23 2018 10:26am CST 7
Jackye  Reynolds
Jackye Reynolds
19 Posts
Hi guys!
I know there is regulation and other finance difficulties that have created further impediments in the sport aviation field in India.
I'm not sure where, but Jamshed Kamdin in India had built an auto conversion powered trike and imported a Manta 17 wing about 4 years ago.
He was never able to get suiotable instruction without travelling outside the country to get enough aitime to feel qualified to be a test pilot.
For what it's worth, he possibly has some stuff for sale if you're interested in paying a fair price. Most of his experiences were of someone wanting "to steal a deal"! Understand "that's business", but someone's gonna lose. I'll send a private message to Vijay if there's any interest in this connection!

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