P&M GTR 912S less than 30 HRS for sale / well below cost $39,900 / like new!

Mon, Dec 4 2017 07:00pm CST 1
Tony  Castillo
Tony Castillo
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Got to get the demo trikes moving and clear hangar space .. this is by far the best deal I have ever seen in P&M Trikes. Our beautiful Orange P&M GTR 912S demo unit needs to go to a new home. Less than 30HRS this trike is like new!!! SLSA and ready to go. Check the add in barnstormers or in my webpage pmaviationusa.com for details, photos, videos, etc.

At $39,900 this is way below cost and a deal. My loss - your gain!

Hurry because it will be gone soon! If you ever thought about having a P&M trike and have the money to invest, don't think twice! my advise.

Tony C

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