help shipping wing

Fri, Sep 15 2017 03:10pm CDT 1
George Sychrovsky
George Sychrovsky
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I need to ship a single trike wing that is for sale in California across the states to MA
anybody has an advice how to deal with it like what shipper and what cost to expect.
Sun, Sep 17 2017 01:12am CDT 2
Rizwan Bukhari
Rizwan Bukhari
54 Posts
Hi George,


Quinn Ciccarelli
(855) 518-2300 x2312

I have used there service twice, a little while ago. If they cover the route they will give you a quote. Just let them know the dimensions of your crate.

I hope this helps,


Sun, Sep 17 2017 01:16am CDT 3
Rizwan Bukhari
Rizwan Bukhari
54 Posts
And the cost for shipping the wing was about $350 from Payette, ID to Arlington, TX....This wa slike 3 years ago.

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