Intercomms and Headsets

Tue, Apr 18 2017 12:37pm CDT 1
Gary Heydenreich
Gary Heydenreich
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Hi All,

I am just doing some research! Has or is there any preference toward headset and or intercomm system makes. If so which ones? The next question is, other than lynx is there any other make of intercomm systems that are purely designed for Open cockpit type flying?

The reason I ask is that I have a system we have developed here in South Africa and I would like to test the international market, might there be interest?
Fri, Apr 21 2017 10:35pm CDT 2
Steve Beste
Steve Beste
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For my money, the best helmet-intercom system comes from I love mine, and I think it's what comes with the Revo. Why is it so great?
1) The headphones and microphone are built into the helmet - as opposed to the Lynx design where the helmet has a cutout for the separate headset. Not only is the unitary Flycom design easier to put on, it keeps the winter wind away from my ears. No balaclava needed.
2) Superb audio quality. Every instructor whose flown with me has remarked on it.
3) The helmet is specifically designed for open-air flying. For example, compare the Flycom helmet with a motorcycle helmet. The motorcycle helmet has a solid part in front of the chin. This restricts vision downward. That's not a problem for motorcyclists, but we open-air flyers look down at the ground a lot.
Fri, Apr 21 2017 11:43pm CDT 3
Lucian Bartosik
Lucian Bartosik
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If you want a great system with lots of functions and features plus a better price than those already mentioned and a choice of headset and helmet or complete integral helmet/headset system, then get in touch with me for a system from our Microavionics. Specifically designed for open cockpit trikes and many other aircraft types.

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