Jetting the Polini 250 Thor

Sun, Mar 5 2017 07:56am CST 1
Chuck Tabbert
Chuck Tabbert
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Interesting topic for those looking to fly at altitude.
  • The factory installed jet for the Polini Carborator is 130. Buying the Jetting Kit from Polini starts at 140 and increments up to 160.
  • The 130 jets worked well at sea-level, and after trial and tribulation, I settled on the 130's for flying in ABQ at 6000 ft MSL.
  • Pitching the prop another degree increased thrust and lowered max RPM and EGT
Fri, Apr 28 2017 10:22am CDT 2
Frank Dempsey
Frank Dempsey
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Strange you would use a 130 at both sea level and 7000 feet.

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