For Sale P&M QUIK GTR 912S S-LSA

Sun, Mar 5 2017 07:27am CST 1
Tony  Castillo
Tony Castillo
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GTR 912S.jpg

P&M QUIK GTR 912S S-LSA for sale $60,000 obo (trades considered)

This is a demo unit with under 35HRS TT

This aircraft include all standard equipment plus:

Instruments included: ASI, VSI, ALT, Compass, Speed Trim Light Indicator, Push-Start Button, Ignition Key, Charging Light Indicator, on/off switches and breakers.

Enigma Extreme Engine Monitoring System (EMS) with Fuel Flow Meter

Latest available P&M trim systems: Electric Speed Trim, STARS Roll Trim

Explorer Package with tundra tires and large wheel spats.

Upgraded disk brakes in all 3-wheels

Training Bars, trike & engine heavy duty covers and propeller blade covers

3-Blade Carbon Warp Drive

Aveo Strobes and Position Lights and Landing Light

Oil and Coolant Thermostat and backup electric fuel pump.

Additional information and photos:

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