smartphne kneeboard

Wed, Feb 1 2017 09:03am CST 1
Jonathan Ratner
Jonathan Ratner
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How are folks attaching their smart phones to a kneeboard.

I need to use a kneeboard as opposed to clamp on the bar.

Wed, Feb 8 2017 09:35pm CST 2
roger larson
roger larson
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I have that same question but am curious also about Ipads.
Thu, Feb 9 2017 02:55pm CST 3
Jeff Gilbert
Jeff Gilbert
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I use a day-runner six ring binder.
My phone wouldn't quite fit in the standard plastic pocket for this size, so I put it in a plastic bag and clipped it in.
Strapped it to my leg with some re-purposed elastic velcro I had.
Works pretty good. Its a bit hard to see only because my helmet face-shield has an opaque plastic skirt on the bottom, so I have to crane my neck a bit to see my thigh.

Here is the file I used for the pages in the kneeboard:



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