Indian Trike Pilots?

Mon, Jan 23 2017 12:14pm CST 1
Tilt Shift the Movie
Tilt Shift the Movie
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Hi All,

I'm considering a trip to India next year and am hoping to connect with some trike pilots while there. Would appreciate any introductions!


David Grabowski
Sat, Jan 28 2017 10:08am CST 2
Jonathan Ratner
Jonathan Ratner
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I head over 3 months each year around October. Years ago was trying to set up a trike flight around the county which didnt happen due to red tape. Not impossible but not easy.

John Penry-Evans runs Ace Aviation near Ooty

Rajneesh K Mahajan +919619644365 who runs

Capt. Vibhuti Singh
Microlight Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
+919828011166 / 9982888444

In Rajasthan.

Is this your first trip to India?

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