Whats in your kneeboard?

Mon, Jan 2 2017 10:46am CST 1
Jeff Gilbert
Jeff Gilbert
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I put this kneeboard together using a size 3 day-runner. What do you think? It straps to my leg with elastic/velcro straps. The content is in this Kneeboard Google Doc and has checklists and info specific to my Gt450 and my local airports. Also made a plastic pouch for my android phone and run Avare.

kneeboard.jpg KneePhone.jpg

Wed, Jan 4 2017 03:11am CST 2
Joe Hockman
Joe Hockman
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Jeff I really like your kneeboard setup. Not familiar with this day-runner though. Is there Velcro on outside cover that sticks to an elastic bank that also has Velcro? In other words it does not matter if loose leaf binder is open or closed, it is still attached? Also I really like the contents and detail you have included on the various pages. Would you be OK if I borrowed some of the layout and content, of course modified for my setup, machine, location etc?
Mon, Jan 9 2017 08:31pm CST 3
Rizwan Bukhari
Rizwan Bukhari
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Hi Jeff,
I absolutely loved your knee board set up. Very nice indeed.

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