Dipole antenna kit for Trikes

Sun, Dec 4 2016 08:29am CST 1
Doug Boyle
Doug Boyle
168 Posts
If ground plane issues are complicating your communications this kit will solve your problems. Successfully used on Tanarg, XT, and Flightstar. Use an angle bracket to mount on keel, strap to mount on boom, or on your pod. Be heard "loud and clear"! In stock and ready for shipping: $75 total. Paypal pilotboyle@hotmail.com for delivery next week.

Sun, Dec 4 2016 01:04pm CST 2
Rizwan Bukhari
Rizwan Bukhari
54 Posts
I had bought this antenna and an axia alloys mount for it to mount it on landing gear (got the idea from a Delta Lite trike pic). But mounting it on keel seems even a much better option, do you have a bracket for it? I maybe interested in purchasing it from you. Do you have a pic of keel mounted antenna?

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