World Microlight Championship 2016 – new Champions.

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Vassili Tarakanov
Vassili Tarakanov
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Red Champion” trike - Apollo DJ modified chassis with Suzuki G13BB MPFI engine, KOOLprop and Aeros TL wing built by Air Trikes Enterprises Canada is an aircraft of World Champions 2016! Russian pilots Max and Alfia Semenov are new FAI World Champions in Weight Shift 2 (2-place trikes) class. 11 different tasks, very hard to fly weather during all the week (3 aircraft were crushed on landing). Our competitors were very experienced pilots from France, UK, Germany, Poland, Check Republic and other countries, most of them flying Air Creation and PM trikes with Rotax 912S engines. One more proof - correctly converted and installed Suziki – GEO is not “an alternative engine” for poor “budget” pilots, but a reliable, powerful and fuel efficient powerplant for Ultralight and Experimental aircraft, can be at least not worse than Rotax 912S.

It was only one pilot from Canada at World Championshi 2016 – pretty girl Christine from Toronto flying Paramotor. Short video clip “Over La Manche” it was the most beautiful flight of WMC2016.

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