Efis systems

Fri, Mar 11 2016 03:06pm CST 1
Randy Loeppky
Randy Loeppky
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Looking into getting an EFIS system. Could use some help as to what trikers are using and why you choose what you did. Thanks
Thu, May 26 2016 10:34pm CDT 2
Lindsay Mannix
Lindsay Mannix
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Hi Randy,
I have been doing a bit of experimenting with some arduino type sensors .
Namely gyro/acceleometer/magnetometer.
These devices are dirt cheap but require calibration and some pretty tricky software which im sure somebody has perfected ..it will take me a long time but its all dooable.
The android pads 5-8" are ideal but still suffer from sunlight.
I have been experimenting with 2 centre zero analogue meters .
I have a basic ah and compass that is almost functional ..the trouble is with programming, the last few bits take the longest .
There must be somebody who has sorted this out and is prepared to share their hard work so that we can all get on with the finer points .

I hate to re invent the wheel but the nature of this sport is that we wont pay thousands that ga is currently paying for .
The cheapest so far is about 1200 usd but is 100 bucks or so of hardware .
On the other hand , the software is important and the writer needs to be compensated ...but competing with GA prices is not possibe for ocasion al flyers.

I have an instrument rating (expired)

One thing is for certain having an ah on the front pole lined up with the real horizion is the way to go ...far easier to learn than having to look down .
Ah and conpass are all that are required for safe reference if caught out .
I dont suggest that trikes should be IFR ..but an extra chance cant hurt.

The APPS that i have seen so far use the accelerometer in such a way that has them fail in flight mode ..but then I have only tried a few .

Any good programmers out there will have this in the bag ...but probably trying for the big bucks ..understandable!

Any commets from Programmers would be most welcome!

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