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Sun, Jan 17 2016 04:02pm CST 1
Diego Jordano
Diego Jordano
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Hello, I'm new in this forum. I'm from Cordoba, Spain. I started flying hang gliders back in 1978. Later I got my UL license in 1996. I bought an Air Creation GTBI (Rotax 503 DCI single carburetor), initially with a FUN 18 wing. After some years I bought a Mild 16.
I must admit that during the last 7 years I've flown few hours with my trike, but a lot with my powered paraglider. I got my trike revised recently and I want to fly more with it. I'm also getting fixed-wing training with a TL 96 Star in the Club Pegasus.
Yes, you are right... I'm adicted to flight!

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