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Thu, Jun 25 2015 06:53pm CDT 1
Rod Schramm
Rod Schramm
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Hey peeps, I am new to this site and would like to say again thanks 4 havin me. Just a quick chat, we are taking pre orders on the Performance 103 UL. We have a gross seat weight of 245 and total gross of 650lbs if you can believe that, this is a game changer in itself. There are several options and we can help with a poor man payment plan if needed. We have written this contract to help get those who would love to fly but cannot afford to do so now be able to. There are 2 options one is a "kit" version and should be no more than 20hrs build time, or a ready to fly option.

I have contracts ready to go. If you need to get in touch my number is listed.


Rod Schramm

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