TrikeMag Issue 5 now out

Fri, May 29 2015 02:53am CDT 1
Peter Counsell
Peter Counsell
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Yes, it has been a long time coming, but finally issue 5 of TrikeMag is out. This digital magazine primarily aimed at Trike pilots but hopefully of interest to all aviators. Can only be viewed on a tablet or smartphone. Can download the app at

This issue includes:
  • A Trike podcast from GoFlying Australia.
  • First Flight - A passengers perspective
  • Spiral Dive Recover - a must watch video
  • The North Pole Microlight Expedition - Postponed
  • An update on the Trike Globetrotters
  • Flying the Morning Glory - Part 2
and more...

Always looking for articles, stories and the like so please contribute them to

Sun, May 31 2015 03:43pm CDT 2
Jon Dolman
Jon Dolman
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Excellently put together Peter, enjoying the mags.

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