Building a Float Trike - The best combination of components.

Wed, Aug 14 2013 05:33pm CDT 1
Ken McNeill
Ken McNeill
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If you were to build the ultimate float trike for fun on the water, what components would you choose to build it?

While personally I'm a newb to trikes, and fully intend to do a couple hundred hours before going with floats, I want to ensure I purchase and start with the right platform. I also understand that if I want to switch back and forth (floats to gear), a separate/different wing might be preferred?

What trike? Why?

What floats? Why?

What wing for floats? What wing for gear? Why?

After many conversations with folks, here's what I've heard works best... Airborne XT 912, Antares Floats, and a Merlin Wing (not sure what size?) make for the ultimate water toy.

What do you think?


Tue, Apr 22 2014 08:39pm CDT 2
Doug Boyle
Doug Boyle
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17m one-up, 19m two-up (in general). Merlin wings come in more than one size?

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