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Normal Topic Intercomms and Headsets
Started By Gary Heydenreich
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If you want a great system with lots of functions and features plus a ...View
Latest poster: Lucian Bartosik 3 months ago
Normal Topic Transition training first lesson video
Started By Bob Lemke
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I wish we had "GoPro" technology 40 years ago when I was first learning to ...View
Latest poster: Bob Lemke 4 months ago
Normal Topic Commercial Use of Trike Ultralights
Started By Carlito Frias
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Am I the only triker who will rent you a trike??! Looks like it. View
Latest poster: John Olson 4 months ago
Normal Topic GA pilots, your thoughts on trikes
Started By Bob Lemke
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Steve, Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll enjoy getting back ...View
Latest poster: Bob Lemke 5 months ago
Normal Topic Canadian pilot GPS
Started By Alexandre Leblanc
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Seems you can;t edit posts on this forum grrr. View
Latest poster: Michael Reiter 5 months ago
Normal Topic Air Park living on the cheap
Started By Bob Lemke
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See the Satelite image below Twin Island Airpark View
Latest poster: Alexandre Leblanc 5 months ago
Normal Topic smartphne kneeboard
Started By Jonathan Ratner
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I use a day-runner six ring binder. My phone wouldn't quite ...View
Latest poster: Jeff Gilbert 5 months ago
Normal Topic Indian Trike Pilots?
Started By Tilt Shift the Movie
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I head over 3 months each year around October. Years ago was trying to set ...View
Latest poster: Jonathan Ratner 5 months ago
Normal Topic Whats in your kneeboard?
Started By Jeff Gilbert
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Hi Jeff, I absolutely loved your knee board set up. Very nice ...View
Latest poster: Rizwan Bukhari 6 months ago
Normal Topic Efis systems
Started By Randy Loeppky
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Hi Randy, I have been doing a bit of experimenting with some arduino ...View
Latest poster: Lindsay Mannix 1 year ago
Normal Topic Florida airfields for starting US adventure
Started By Michael Stalker
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Hi I'm in Florida right now ...... Trike is park red at an airport in ...View
Latest poster: tom speirs 1 year ago
Normal Topic RE: Florida airfields for starting US adventure - Michael Stalker > Reply #7
Started By Doug Boyle
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Original Post Thanks for the flight at SunNFun Doug :-) ...View
Latest poster: Doug Boyle 1 year ago
Normal Topic Anyone here paramotor?
Started By Isaac Adamie
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I started with PPG. Flew one for years. Fun but a huge PITA and you can't ...View
Latest poster: Fred Rafilson 1 year ago
Normal Topic Bluetooth for Lynx system?
Started By Fred Rafilson
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"Has anyone tried the Lynx system with the new noise canceling? It's ...View
Latest poster: Vassili Tarakanov 1 year ago
Normal Topic Preventing Carb ice by adding ethanol
Started By Rob Mus
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Ethanol is hydrophyllic - water loving. It attracts moisture from the air ...View
Latest poster: Miracle Pie 1 year ago
Normal Topic GPS mount?
Started By Diego Jordano
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sorry, I was trying to say "now I know..." View
Latest poster: Diego Jordano 1 year ago
Normal Topic New in the forum
Started By Diego Jordano
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Hello, I'm new in this forum. I'm from Cordoba, Spain. I started flying ...View
Latest poster: Diego Jordano 1 year ago
Normal Topic Jerrycan tuning
Started By Clemens West
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For all who wants to speed up fueling with a jerrycan. Material costs less ...View
Latest poster: Clemens West 1 year ago
Normal Topic I DIT IT...YEAH
Started By Alexander Urschel
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Hi Alexander, I fly in Slovakia. Congrats to your new beautiful trike! I ...View
Latest poster: Jozinko Sajan 1 year ago
Normal Topic Mark Gibson - GibboGear / Manta Aircraft - sad news
Started By steve stitz
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Hi All, I had a wing on order from Mark Gibson since Spring that I fully ...View
Latest poster: Imre Kabai 1 year ago
Normal Topic Strange Object in Sky
Started By Dave Crawford
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A few weeks ago I was flying over Wolfeboro Bay in NH at about 1000 msl - ...View
Latest poster: Richard Pierce 1 year ago
Normal Topic Thanks to all
Started By Alexander Urschel
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Hi all of you out there, I just want to thank you for the nice ...View
Latest poster: Alexander Urschel 1 year ago
Normal Topic Super new dude here
Started By Rod Schramm
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Hey peeps, I am new to this site and would like to say again thanks 4 ...View
Latest poster: Rod Schramm 2 years ago
Normal Topic TrikeMag Issue 5 now out
Started By Peter Counsell
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Excellently put together Peter, enjoying the mags.View
Latest poster: Jon Dolman 2 years ago
Normal Topic Best design and position static pressure pickup?
Started By Clemens West
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I mean when I connect it all, the airspeed is 10km/h less than without the ...View
Latest poster: Clemens West 2 years ago