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Sticky Topic Get Setup here... we'll try to bring over the old content
Started By Spencer Forman
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hello spencer, i created some events on belgium trike pilots but i ...View
Latest poster: Ronald Zwisselberger 8 years ago
Normal Topic World Microlight Championship 2016 – new Champions.
Started By Vassili Tarakanov
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“Red Champion” trike - Apollo DJ modified chassis with Suzuki ...View
Latest poster: Vassili Tarakanov 1 year ago
Normal Topic Change Wing on Pegasus Quantum trike
Started By Marcus Andersson
5 907
The Profi will give you better efficiency, the Discovery will give you ...View
Latest poster: Larry Mednick 1 year ago
Normal Topic Yamaha RX1 140 HP engine on Trike
Started By Teal Jenkins
22 8993 Latest poster: Teal Jenkins 2 years ago
Normal Topic Northwing Batten templates
Started By Mark Poliak
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Does anyone have a use for a rib template (batten template) for ...View
Latest poster: Mark Poliak 3 years ago
Normal Topic Head sets!
Started By garrett speeter
2 1989
Bite the bullet, spend the money, and get a FlyCom helmet with internal ...View
Latest poster: Glade Montgomery 3 years ago
Normal Topic Trike Instructor in Phoenix
Started By Mark Aspinwall
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I will be in Phoenix in February and would like to take a ...View
Latest poster: Mark Aspinwall 3 years ago
Normal Topic Best suggestions for a NEW Beginner Wing / Ultralight
Started By Steve Bohus
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Steve google Part 103 ultralight and understand what an ultralight is, ...View
Latest poster: Abid Farooqui 4 years ago
Normal Topic ATF nanolight trike for sale; 4-stroke, hardly used
Started By David Zizzo
1 4516
I wish I had 12k sittin around. Good luck sellin it. I'm sure it'll go ...View
Latest poster: Robert Sumner 5 years ago
Normal Topic 6 Rotax 912 engines STOLEN in Spain.
Started By Michele Marzoli
1 2929
Wow! Really sorry to hear about this. Hey, check Uncle Sam. He likes 'em ...View
Latest poster: John Olson 5 years ago
Normal Topic Discussion: Wing vs Chassis
Started By Brad Voskuil
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Hi Brad, If you are a new triker, sticking with manufacturer's ...View
Latest poster: Abid Farooqui 6 years ago
Normal Topic Lord Knows where this might post ...
Started By John Gunn
4 1814
... again thankyou for the response & am wondering ... pleasant valley ...View
Latest poster: John Gunn 6 years ago
Normal Topic Where can I find custom-made teflon cables for my Cosmos?
Started By Tony DeFreece
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Hey Tony. MotionPro makes custom cables for motorcycles. Probably make em ...View
Latest poster: Robert Sumner 6 years ago
Normal Topic Trike wing Load ratings
Started By Dan Collins
6 2575
Hey Gregg, it's a Lithium Iron battery. It starts my 912S and weighd only ...View
Latest poster: Larry Mednick 6 years ago
Normal Topic Aquilla Trike?
Started By Randy Loeppky
9 7861
I have over 1000hours on Aquilla trikes in South Africa. ...View
Latest poster: John Young 7 years ago
Started By FOX .
5 4853
Byron, I wonder when the medical findings would be out. do you know ...View
Latest poster: Tony Castillo 7 years ago
Normal Topic Choosing a trike
Started By David Hodgson
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David, I have a video/DVD that helps describe what type of a trike to ...View
Latest poster: Paul Hamilton 7 years ago
Normal Topic Strobe for Tanarg
Started By Meir G
10 5988
Good strobes, great service 507 383 3516 ask for ...View
Latest poster: Robert Wascher 7 years ago
Normal Topic Homemade windshield article
Started By Mind Rehab
5 4484
Spencer Forman was nice enough to send me a link from the ...View
Latest poster: Mind Rehab 7 years ago
Normal Topic Part 103 trikes
Started By Trevor Sayer
3 5274
I have a Jetwing for sale but it flies at about 30 mph with the ...View
Latest poster: Larry Miller 8 years ago
Normal Topic Photos - in silence!
Started By D 7
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There is a setting to turn this off. Its at the bottom of the page that ...View
Latest poster: Ken Nussear 8 years ago
Normal Topic Cosmos is back in business
Started By Chris Harter
3 2935
yes i have a Phase II and need some pieces this winter see you soon i love ...View
Latest poster: stephane thibault 8 years ago
Normal Topic RW50 Tundra trike
Started By Randy Loeppky
1 2722
Randy, they do look promising, all I could find is ...View
Latest poster: Gerhard Gotzmann 9 years ago
Normal Topic Meanwhile, sometime later
Started By Rick Girard
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Despite my last post I never did put Meadowlark up for the winter. Just ...View
Latest poster: Rick Girard 9 years ago