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Normal Topic Long Island trike pilots?
Started By Gen B.
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I am new here and heard about Spadaro before. Just a question. Is Spadaro ...View
Latest poster: Wade Wolf 4 years ago
Normal Topic Volunteers needed to test my trike smartphone app
Started By Rob Ellis
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I am a trike pilot here in the UK and since I am a programmer by trade I ...View
Latest poster: Rob Ellis 4 years ago
Normal Topic Advantage of rotax over other engines?
Started By Isaac Adamie
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Stick with an aircraft engine if you can swing the money. I did a few ...View
Latest poster: Abid Farooqui 4 years ago
Normal Topic La Mouette 14.9
Started By David Hodgson
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Larry you must have a rare shingle-ignition 912. Huh. View
Latest poster: John Olson 4 years ago
Started By Gregor Aries
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TL is definitely faster and easy to fly long cross-county than Xess, ...View
Latest poster: Vassili Tarakanov 4 years ago
Normal Topic Thoughts on new LSA trike?
Started By Ted Hunting
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Thanks guys for advice! Appreciate info. Am going to go the Delta Jet 2 ...View
Latest poster: Ted Hunting 4 years ago
Normal Topic Wingtip flutter
Started By E Harv
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Maybe E Harv can try that manuever right now. As for me, my trike is in ...View
Latest poster: Robert Sumner 4 years ago
Normal Topic which amphibious trike ????
Started By Skydiver Pilot
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First, when you say "amphibious," what exactly do you mean? Many people ...View
Latest poster: E Harv 4 years ago
Normal Topic Tilt Shift the Movie
Started By Tilt Shift the Movie
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Hi All! My name is David, and I am one of two pilots for Tilt ...View
Latest poster: David Grabowski 4 years ago
Normal Topic building 103 ultralight trike
Started By Ernesto Kortright
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I have a Skycycle part 193 for sale. Has only been out of the garage on ...View
Latest poster: Jim Garrett 4 years ago
Started By Mar W
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Hi John, I was out of town for a few days and wasn't following the ...View
Latest poster: Peter Watson 4 years ago
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Dear Steve hello from Demetri. I certainly agree with you 110% without ...View
Latest poster: DEMETRI NEOPHYTOU 4 years ago
Normal Topic Light weight helmets
Started By David Hodgson
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I use Flycom and love it. I think it's what the entire Revo airforce uses.View
Latest poster: Glade Montgomery 4 years ago
Normal Topic I can't get in the air on my floats
Started By Carlito Frias
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floats are a little heavy, but mine are 170 lbs total. and i ha e a 582 w ...View
Latest poster: Bobby Zaloski 4 years ago
Normal Topic Trike and training advice sought
Started By Flying Janitor
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Fred, Thanks for the tip, I was able to download the Tukan plan from the ...View
Latest poster: Flying Janitor 4 years ago
Normal Topic I need info on a trike wing!!!!
Started By Jason Stuart
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Jason it would help to know where you need this wing? Somewhere in the ...View
Latest poster: John Olson 5 years ago
Normal Topic Thinking of buying 103 with N # looking for advice
Started By Greg Thompson
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Greg: A Part 103 vehicle will not have an N number by definition. Part 103 ...View
Latest poster: Abid Farooqui 5 years ago
Normal Topic 2 stroke engine help?
Started By Matt Barr
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I grew up on snow machines and working on them too. Everyone of them had a ...View
Latest poster: Jason Stuart 5 years ago
Normal Topic Question ??????
Started By Robert Weyland
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Well if it's a real Tukan, and not a fake Tukan, the cable runs all the ...View
Latest poster: John Olson 5 years ago
Normal Topic Lynx volume adjust
Started By Todd Asher
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Hi Todd, Insted of increasing the max volume which may cause further ...View
Latest poster: Scott Heron 5 years ago
Normal Topic What insurance should I carry?
Started By Dustin Woodhouse
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John, I have a value policy on the hull, the liability coverage ...View
Latest poster: Rick Henley 5 years ago
Normal Topic Moving to Bend, OR. Need hangar, airstrip, etc.
Started By Fred Rafilson
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Ole! Remember me? A few years ago you gave me a few cross-wind practice ...View
Latest poster: Fred Rafilson 5 years ago
Normal Topic 670 any good?
Started By Walter Martin
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i have one and will be putting it on my float trike in a week or so. will ...View
Latest poster: Bobby Zaloski 5 years ago
Normal Topic Shipping a trike 1/2 way around the World
Started By Uwe Goehl
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Jonathan I just noticed you are from Pinedale, Wy. Nice! There is an ...View
Latest poster: John Olson 5 years ago
Normal Topic Trailer for Trike – Ideas Wanted
Started By John Shaffer
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Dean - I customized a yard trailer. I bought it used from a guy who hauled ...View
Latest poster: Michael Kocot 5 years ago