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Normal Topic Hangaring a trike
Started By Dustin Woodhouse
12 2001
One other thing to consider is that some trikes are a nightmare to get the ...View
Latest poster: Robert Sumner 3 days ago
Normal Topic Hang Glider Strength
Started By Allen Tighe
8 442
Go here to consult without condemnation to many fellow pilots who've done ...View
Latest poster: Miracle Pie 3 days ago
Normal Topic Concerns over radio traffic
Started By rick snow
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Well if your instructor is also having problems understanding the radio ...View
Latest poster: Lucian Bartosik 1 month ago
Normal Topic Anyone around Alabama flying a tanarg
Started By rick snow
5 279
Hi Bill and everyone, quick update the weather did not cooperate on I was ...View
Latest poster: rick snow 1 month ago
Normal Topic To windscreen or not?
Started By rick snow
6 343
Hi Marc. Just to make clear, I am not an engineer and have no ...View
Latest poster: PHILIP QUANTRILL 1 month ago
Normal Topic Choosing a first flexwing (on a budget)
Started By Niels Rymenams
3 229
I learnt on a 503 with a 16m² wing and it was/is great. 503 is said to be ...View
Latest poster: PHILIP QUANTRILL 1 month ago
Normal Topic Which maingear tires are better, smooth or ribbed?
Started By Douglas Lee
3 284
Thanks for the comment. I had ribbed on my last trike and put about 200 ...View
Latest poster: Douglas Lee 2 months ago
Normal Topic Wheels Needed
Started By Douglas Lee
2 233
Got Wheels! Thanks Jackye Reynolds!View
Latest poster: Douglas Lee 3 months ago
Normal Topic Electric question
Started By Dave Palmer
0 292
I have an "EL Gearbox Generator". It's a ROTAX 582 accessory with a 230 ...View
Latest poster: Dave Palmer 5 months ago
Normal Topic Connecting a Flycom FH-1V to IC-A6
Started By Marcelo Varanda
6 634
Marcello, if you have not got yourself sorted out yet send me a message ...View
Latest poster: Lucian Bartosik 6 months ago
Normal Topic Naked Trike Flying??
Started By james williams
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Latest poster: John Olson 7 months ago
Normal Topic WHY NOT??
Started By james williams
7 812
James This seems like a good idea. We've had a few incidents ...View
Latest poster: Chuck Tabbert 7 months ago
Normal Topic Help... BRS install in a Air Creation Clipper
Started By Kenneth Schwartz
5 824
So I had to contend with this issue when I purchased my Clipper. Disarm ...View
Latest poster: Luis Felipe Amunategui 7 months ago
Normal Topic No CHT, high EGT, and a fuel leak
Started By Josh Jones
13 1196
Josh hope you dont mind me butting in on your post. I fly a ...View
Latest poster: Nick Axworthy 7 months ago
Normal Topic Trying to make a dicision
Started By Ken Ragan
9 1177
Hi Ken, The Aeros ANT trike may be a good option for you the trikes ...View
Latest poster: Trevor Sayer 8 months ago
Normal Topic Crating and shipping a trike?
Started By Jeff Gilbert
4 988
Just do the oneway ticket to the aircraft, rent a uhaul at the airport and ...View
Latest poster: Michael Kocot 9 months ago
Normal Topic Experimental Exhibition ?
Started By Jeff Gilbert
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I talked to the FAA inspector whose signed off on the ...View
Latest poster: Jeff Gilbert 9 months ago
Normal Topic Prop Excalibur 6 - Who uses it?
Started By Alexander Urschel
2 747
Thank you for your reply, Larry. Would be great if you could give me ...View
Latest poster: Alexander Urschel 11 months ago
Normal Topic Having friends sign waivers?
Started By Adam Romanowicz
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Thanks for that waiver Elijah.View
Latest poster: jeff trike 11 months ago
Normal Topic Inherent Risk of Flying Trikes?
Started By Troy Perdue
34 2449
An aviator once remarked that "a J-3 Cub will kill you, albeit, just a ...View
Latest poster: Doug Boyle 1 year ago
Normal Topic Anyone know where to get this GSXR engine conversion kit?
Started By Isaac Adamie
2 869
Issac: This is a Delta Jet 2 trike which the purchaser installed ...View
Latest poster: Isaac Adamie 1 year ago
Normal Topic Looking for Evolution REV Pilot reports
Started By Art King
1 965
Art, I fly a Revo, not a Rev . . . so, obviously, I cannot give you a ...View
Latest poster: Glade Montgomery 1 year ago
Normal Topic Lithium Ion Batteries in Trikes
Started By Josh Jones
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Josh, a LiFePO battery would work well with your Simonini Mini 3. I used a ...View
Latest poster: Joe Hockman 1 year ago
Normal Topic Newbie here! Advice/Experiences on Part 103 vs. LSA
Started By Mark TenPas
8 1585
Hi Mark, I've been away from the Social List for a bit (having too ...View
Latest poster: Evan Caldwell 1 year ago
Normal Topic DIY cockpit - instrument console?
Started By Diego Jordano
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Still waiting for my ASI/VSI Gauge View
Latest poster: Michael Reiter 1 year ago