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Normal Topic GoPro or Samsung Gear 360
Started By Jeff Gilbert
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I'm thinking about getting either the GoPro 5 or Samsung Gear 360. ...View
Latest poster: Jeff Gilbert 11 months ago
Normal Topic Tilt Shift the Movie
Started By Tilt Shift the Movie
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Hi John and Paul, APOLOGIES for not responding sooner. We had ...View
Latest poster: Tilt Shift the Movie 3 years ago
Normal Topic DLSR Mounts for Trikes
Started By Adam Romanowicz
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Has anyone out there mounted a DLSR camera on their trike? What sort of ...View
Latest poster: Adam Romanowicz 4 years ago
Normal Topic Software
Started By B Alvarius
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Being a Mac head- iMovie is simple with lots of effects, add photos & ...View
Latest poster: Michael Kocot 5 years ago
Normal Topic RE: Software - Robert Sumner > Reply #7
Started By Sally Tucker
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What version do you have? I have 10. There's a ton of features but I only ...View
Latest poster: Robert Sumner 5 years ago
Normal Topic What do you use? Hardware & Software
Started By Chris Wills
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Try videopad it's free and pretty easy to use quick Load rendering ...View
Latest poster: tom speirs 5 years ago
Normal Topic El Mirage Triking
Started By mike bilyk
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Ken, Elmo can get rowdy mid day! I like the morning glassy smooth air and ...View
Latest poster: mike bilyk 5 years ago
Normal Topic Video's from the Northwest
Started By Tom Tabbert
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I can get the jello effect is seems when I go power off on an approach. ...View
Latest poster: Tom Tabbert 6 years ago
Normal Topic Video on helmet
Started By Sally Tucker
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There is a website that sells video that goes on helmet or ...View
Latest poster: Sally Tucker 7 years ago
Normal Topic Hardware
Started By B Alvarius
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I forgot to mention in my previous post, I'm using mount "B" in this link ...View
Latest poster: Chris Wills 7 years ago
Normal Topic Where To Host Videos
Started By Ray Sparkes
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For what it is worth I have been using ScreenCast (paid version) at View
Latest poster: Mike Stapleton 7 years ago