Oceano: Small Planes / Big Fun: Trikes, Ultralights, Lightsport

Oceano: Small Planes / Big Fun: Trikes, Ultralights, Lightsport

Just for us small planes this time
13th October 2012 12:00PM
Oceano Airport, L52
Owner: Captain X
This is a public event.


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Meet up at Oceano Airport-- hosted by Paso Robles Ultralight Association.

It officially starts on Sat Oct 13 to Sun Oct 14th, but there is no reason you can't come early and stay late.
Camping for pilots is available on the airport, and there are also many many sites to bring your RV in the surrounding areas.

See the surrounding areas: San Luis Obispo, Pismo beach (drive your car / motorcycle out on the beach, dig for clams), Avila Beach, Shell beach, Morro Bay, Morro Rock- 7 sisters, Montana de Oro, Cayucos, Hearst Castle, San Simeon, Elephant seals, Big Sur, the quiet beaches of Vandenberg, Wine Country, Santa Barbara, California Valley, many small airports around (L52, Lompoc, Paso, Sta Ynez & many in the valley) two Class D's (SMX, SBP)-- mostly gorgeous rural coast in this area, farm lands, spectacular sea sides, & coastal mountain ranges.

If you'd like to fly in commercially, we can help arrange a ride, a place to stay and a back seat in one of our aircraft (consider flying in to SMX, SBP, SBA even LAX / SFO and take a train up/down- we are about halfway between LAX/SFO- half day trike flight to either)

See you there

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  • Vince  Morson
  • Paul Hamilton
  • George B
  • Captain X
  • Henry Trikelife
  • Dave  Salter
  • Peter Del Vecho
  • Ed Evans
  • Douglas Donaldson
  • Jerry Parker
  • Jon Carmichael
  • Karl Evans

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  • Rizwan Bukhari

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  • Jerry Parker
    by Jerry Parker 5 years ago
    Thank You David O for all the info and your efforts in helping make this a great time.
  • Jerry Parker
    by Jerry Parker 5 years ago
    Looks like the weather is going to be good for us. We will have a BBQ Saturday evening and drinks and soda will be provided. Bring your bug repellant and sun screen. Oceano is the only real small community airport in San Luis Obispo County. It is mostly supported by volunteers. Lets all have a great time. I look forward to seeing you all there!
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 5 years ago
    Campers at Oceano:
    Anyone camping at Oceano should know two additional things:
    1) There is a Big sign at the Oceano camping area that says, "Irrigation occurs daily 12p to 2pm" - we don't want campers getting wet. To turn off the sprinklers, before they start, there is a grey sprinkler control box near The large Bi-Plane Hangar (immediately to North of camping areas) s hangar, just turn sprinklers to off. That way no one gets a shower!
    Turn it back on Sunday after 2pm please.

    2) There are mosquitos at night-- bring repellant.

    3) I can't be there until Saturday am. So, I'll help you as much as I can then. Some members of Paso Robles Ultralight club should be there friday. You can email or ask any questions before hand.

    4) If you are driving in, consider bringing a rake or a shovel, or some pruning equipment and we can spend a couple hours Saturday afternoon cleaning things up. J & I were there tonight planting flowers and cleaning. The county doesn't pay a lot of attention to it, so in an effort to make sure the public knows we love this airport, us pilots do our share when we can. A nasty mean snake of a developer has been trying to get the country to let him bulldoze the airport--- when you see it and fly there, you'll know what a shame that would be. You'll also feel really good for having done something to protect it for you and others in the future
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 5 years ago
    Hey all Oceano is coming up in two weeks-- so looking forward to it. The last few days weather has been near perfect, but I can't rule out some fog or wind. S0...

    1) if the weather is not perfect, is anyone up for a wine country tour? They have cheap or free busses ( "limos" ) that tour the local wineries. Can you imagine how funny it would be to get these pilots form TPS a few glasses of wine and then have them get into discussions?

    2) We could take my training HG's out into the dunes to play.

    3) We could see the Elephant seals, or tour Hearst Castle. There's lots to do.

    Doug, do you wanna give a ground school lecture? Weather?

    4) If anyone still has questions about where to stay (I know I emailed most of you), but if you are thinking of a certain spot (RV, Hotel, etc) and have questions, just email your choices to me and I'll let you know. There are no bad areas around here, so mostly it's just price. The area is also very small, so the "5 cities" are all within 2-7 miles of the Airport. Of course there is camping right on the airport itself too.

    See you guys soon!!

  • Captain X
    by Captain X 5 years ago
    Holy Cow! George is coming also!!! Hey any of you guys want to give Nate a lift-- he'd like to come, but also is trying to save some $$. It could be fairly cheap to get / stay here and fly with us if he shares driving duties with one of you.
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 5 years ago
    See you there Peter!
  • Peter Del Vecho
    by Peter Del Vecho 5 years ago
    Looking forward to seeing everyone in Oceano in just about 14 days!!
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 5 years ago
    Woo Hoo!!! Andreas, that will be very exciting to have you there!!

    (You too Ken!!! ; ) Actually, Ken & Jon may be doing an exciting XC all the way from Vegas threading the military needle, the winds, the deserts the bad lands & windmills all just to fly out here... )

    Woo hoo!!!
  • Ken Nussear
    by Ken Nussear 5 years ago
    Awesome Andreas!
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 5 years ago
    Awesome Doug, looking forward to seeing you guys!!!