Lake Powell flyin

Lake Powell flyin

Fly around lake powell
4th May 2012 12:00PM
At bullfrog airport
Owner: tom speirs
This is a public event.


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Flying around the area maybe going bivouac trips see where we end up .....I also have friends who have house boats ,jet skis,power boats that maybe there at the same time .Ever since I started thinking about flying trikes this has been a goal of mine to fly this area..... details of where to be based at can be worked out nearer the time as numbers might dictate or rule out airports .My dates are flexible as I can stay there till end of may .Lets start a dialogue and see how to get this done ,call me any time on 970 618 5896 with ideas ,dates are flexible for me so depending on sheduales let's get it on .......INPUT please
I have an rv that will be used for the group for making meals and have some camping gear .

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