colorado triketreking

colorado triketreking

A 5-6 day adventure in some of the states most spectacular terrain
28th April 2011 09:00AM
Fly from Glenwood Springs to Lake Powell
Owner: tom speirs
This is a public event.


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I'm planning to get an adventure going , flying to some of the states most spectacular location.Some of the highest flying at 15000 ft flying over the continetal devide ,high mountains ,desserts, monument valley ut, Lake Powell area etc .

Using my rv as a main station it will travel from gws to Mack airport set up camp ,,,trikes fly for 2-3 hrs arrive at Mack have lunch,,, go explore the bookcliffs etc, have dinner ,go fly ,next day move camp to Green River or Hanksville UT ,investigate Lake Powell area. We will provide support,camping,getting gas so just bring your trike and yourself and a fun attitude. Cost in the region of $100a day, if wanted i can get somone to drive your rv/trailer, OR JUST BRING YOURSELF AND DRIVER AND HAVE SOME FUN ....Also rafting and other activites can be arranged Trying to get it filmed and send the film to Dicscovery Channel (or similar)
email at or call me for a chat Tom Speirs 970 618 5896

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