TrikeFest 2010

TrikeFest 2010

More trikes than you can shake a stick at...
23rd July 2010 12:00PM
Cushing Field Airport, 0C8, Located on Illinois Rt.71 – 1.5 miles southwest of Newark, IL, USA
This is a public event.


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Cushing Field Airport, 0C8,

Located on Illinois Rt.71 – 1.5 miles southwest of Newark, IL, USA

July 23, 24, 25, 2010

This is our 6th Trikefest.

Fly, Trailer, or Drive in .

Friday the 23rd is arrival, set up, and familiarization day. Sometime Friday evening or Saturday late morning, we'll have a Rotax 4-stroke and 2-stroke Maintenance class given by Jim Leon of The Ultralight Place Rotax Repair Station.

Saturday mid-day is for flying the neighborhood. Just a mile north of Cushing is the Fox River, and as long as you fly it well above treetop (and power line) level, it’s a nice safe, easy, scenic flight in both northeast and southwest directions - and pretty hard to get lost. (Skydive Chicago Airport is about 14 miles southwest-near the river, so stay out of their airspace, please. Cushing has a left hand pattern, 500AGL for Microlights and 800 AGL for all others; please enter on a 45 degree, downwind when returning.

Saturday afternoon about 2, we’ll start the grills up and also start the competition which will consist of the radar gun run, the balloon in the hula-hoop drop, the dead-stick spot landing, and the dreaded TOLRAC. The BBQ happens during the Competition and is located directly in front of the runway – so a good spot to plant a lawn chair.

We (Cushing Field Trikers) supply the BBQ, food, and drinks; but this costs hundreds of dollars, and we really need your donations to cover this. Donation jars are near the food.

There are no sponsors helping pay, and no fees to attend, camp, or participate in the Trikefest or competition (just your donations).

Saturday Evening, we'll set up our " theatre in the hood" and Don Cooney of Prowler Trikes will explain his trike project in Cambodia.

Sunday Morning, we're planning a fly-out breakfast to a neighboring airport.

Camping is available almost anywhere on the airport grounds, except on the runways!

There is plenty of grassy ramp space to set up your trike and tent, or park a motor home.

There are several public washrooms on the field with running water and flushing toilets.

Hotels are located in nearby Sandwich, Yorkville, and Ottawa.

SPECIAL NOTE: Trikes and pilots at this event must be FAA compliant, (and just so you know, the FAA usually is present, giving a couple check-rides to local Examiners).

Also, there are usually some kids at the Trikefest, and spinning propellers are invisible.

Don’t start your trike near people, and be extremely careful taxiing on and off runways.

More info?

Call or e-mail Mike at

(630) 879-6568 or

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