Oceano Airport Day

Oceano Airport Day

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8th May 2010 09:00AM
Oceano Airport (L52), Central California Coast
This is a public event.


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Oceano Airport day is Saturday May 8th, 9am to 4pm. This event celebrates Oceano airport as a jewel of the California Airport system. It is one of the only (?THE only?) airport you can fly in to in California and walk to the beach. It is truly a great little airport. The surrounding scenery is awesome.
Usually this little untowered airport is fairly quiet. This might have sparked interest recently by an unscrupulous local developer to propose closing it. The community and pilots from around the West are up in arms about that. Oceano (L52) does provide a critical role in our disaster preparedness, regular CHP, Coast Guard, and Life-Flight (organ, blood & patient) flights.
Because of all this, Oceano is going to be especially spruced up. Including its unique on site campground.
Although, usually quiet during the week for flying. Oceano will be especially busy for flying that day. A temporary Tower was considered, but unable due to legal restrictions- instead a local ATC controller will be providing traffic "advisories." I will be flying in from 10 miles away with flight following (SBA & SMX radars provide good coverage).

If you would like to fly-in, and I hope you will (it would be great to have several trikes in attendance also), please contact the Santa Maria Airport Museum of Flight (smmof@msn.com , (805) 922-8758 , www.smmof.org) several days prior to arrange a parking/tiedown spot.

Otherwise just drive up and enjoy the fun.

Stay overnight (I have room if you'd like), and we'll fly the area on Sunday.

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  • John Olson
  • Captain X
  • Henry Trikelife
  • Qazi  Ajmal
  • Jerry Parker
  • James Crooks

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  • Doug Smith
  • Dave Hasbrouck
  • Dave  Salter
  • Rob Lyons

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  • Captain X
    by Captain X 7 years ago
    Henry is here! It's windy. We're gonna try and do a sunset flight tonight if/when the winds back down. Maybe Henry will make another movie.
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 7 years ago
    Until I can upload a photo, here's a link for a satellite view of the runway at Oceano:

  • Captain X
    by Captain X 7 years ago
    A few details about the Oceano Airport Day.
    It is predicted to be windy, however, it was predicted to be windy yesterday and was not. Today is looking beautiful. There was morning coastal fog around Monday. But the last 3 days have been beautiful. My plan if it was going to be foggy in the morning, and windy in the afternoon was then to fly in late, near sunset on Friday evening. However, as long as there is no fog Friday morning also, and none predicted, I'm going to guess there will be no Saturday morning fog and will probably fly in early on Saturday Morning. If it is foggy, consider flying to Santa Maria (Class D) 20 min South East. They are very friendly. I hangar there.

    Bring tie down equipment. At least some ropes that you can tie to yourself (i.e., tie the wings to your wheels.). There are tie downs at Oceano, but, they are planning on packing us in tightly, and so you may not match up to the fixed tie down points.

    They will be having an ATC person performing a sort of temporary tower function. It is not an official tower that day, so the communications will be "Advisory only" in nature. However, they will be helping coordinate the large amount of expected traffic.
    The normal traffic frequency for Oceano is 122.7, Unicom.

    They will also be using an UNPUBLISHED temporary ground frequency. 123.45. so be prepared to switch to ground freq of 123.45 for parking instructions.

    I'm trying to upload a picture with directions, however am having a hard time doing so. Basically, anticipate that they will have you make the second right of the runway to parking.
    If you miss your turn-off, I would guess that they would have you make a left onto the opposite taxiway to taxi back to the correct turnout then cross the runway at the correct turnout. Until I'm able to upload the photo, take a look at the airport layout by using Google maps satellite view to be familiar.

    The first 1/4 of the runway often is a little turbulent. Landing slightly beyond that may help- but you are the PIC.

  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 7 years ago
    To guys will attend the event,

    I just let you know that the tie-downs and comping site are available for "First-come, first-serve" basis.

    For those people trailer their trikes, you have to open the gate to move your trike into the sirport. The gate is located at the airport parking lot and locked with electric code key. Please send me a message or give me a call (310-488-0142), if you need the access code.

    I'll be there on Thursday to fly on Friday before the airport traffic gets busy. I'll trailer my trike and stay at a RV park nearby.

    See you soon, Henry
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 8 years ago
    It would be great to have you there Qazi- thanks. I think it would be about 23 days flying 8 hours a day to get here in a trike. If you can't make it, we'll have you there in spirit. Thanks for the support.
    Your friend,
  • Qazi  Ajmal
    by Qazi Ajmal 8 years ago
    Its good to see this event. I m intrusted to join this event. What i can do? How many days flying. g
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 8 years ago
    I meant "drag" my trike NOT "drug" my trike.
    I don't do drug AT LEAST before my flight.
    Sorry for my English !
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 8 years ago
    Henry Imagawa wrote:

    That is a great view. You took it from your trike ?
    That's my dream flight.
    I want to soak myself in Sycamore hot spring after flights.
    That's an another small wish.


    Actually, believe it or not, I took that photo almost 10 years ago from something way smaller than most people call a "microlight." (see the uploaded photos of my old Mosquito).

    Sycamore hot springs is great, I love it there. We'll go with you. Also, for anyone else interested in attending, there are at least 3 RV parks in close proximity to Oceano Airport and the beach.

  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 8 years ago
    Thanks David,
    I have e-mailed them.
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 8 years ago
    Henry I wrote:
    Hi David,

    Do I need a reservation for a camp site on the airport ?
    Should I call the tel # in your event page ?



    I think you probably do need a reservation to camp at Oceano for this event. I would call or email the SMX Museum (see above) now to reserve your camping spot and tie down spot.